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  1. Modifications
    Brand new Macan (no pasm) with 1000km now. First time going down a not so steep parking lot and felt the car shuddering downhill . I installed the h&r springs yesterday, but I doubt it’s causing this.. yet im sure the dealership will pin it on that. anyone noticed this ?
  2. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    ok, It is a week from my wife's Macan S on 20spyder wheels (steel+pasm - no air) arriving... one thing I have been disappointed in number of photos is how this car sits and how well it could be - regardless of wheel combos it looks like it needs to be lowered by an 1" to look more aggressive /...
  3. Macan Parts
    Also casually looking for spacers, smoked/clear side lights, summer tires. 2016 Macan S - 20"
  4. Porsche Macan Classified Forum
    Don’t have my macan anymore and didn’t get a chance to install this lowering kit. If you have the non adjustable suspension this will work on your macan. This also fits Audi Q5’s. It’s brand new sealed in the box. I’m looking to get $500 shipped anywhere in the US. Thanks, Ed
1-4 of 4 Results