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  1. Electronics
    I've just purchased a used Macan Turbo 2017 and have noticed what appears to be an issue with the lights. When I put the left indicator on, the front left parking light comes on (flashes white) yet the yellow indicator light remains off. The lights appear to work as expected when indicating...
  2. Electronics
    I am trying to adjust my headlight, however the adjustment piece looks different than what's in the manual. Has anyone had experience adjusting a PDLS headlight? I've attached a photo of the adjustment area but not sure how to adjust unfortunately. Thanks!
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi My macan 2021 used to auto lock then ultimately the interior lights will all go off after I park it within 10 seconds. But today when I parked/closed the door the interior lights are still on and it won't auto lock as if there's still an open door even though there's no signal for open...
  4. Macan Parts
    Selling a used pair of headlights from a 2016 MY. These came off of a CPO vehicle that I purchased last year. They are in fair used condition and are equipped with PDLS. Please read details below: They do have some of the internal scratches on them that are unfortunately common with the Macan...
  5. Macan Parts
    I'm selling the original tail lights that came in my 2018 Macan GTS bought I Oct 2018 in Porsche Austin. Since they're from GTS, they have a darker tone (they're tinted) - could be a direct replacement for your GTS or a nice upgrade to the standard red lights that come in Base, S or Turbo...
1-5 of 5 Results