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  1. Electronics
    goodnight. I need help with the LED headlights my Porsche MACAN S 2016. My original led headlights that are the reference in image number one were damaged in an accident, I bought the led headlights in image 2 used, what happens is that they do not work normally, only when I lock the doors of...
  2. Electronics
    Hello guys, first post here. I have a 2018 Macan GTS and I am planning on changing the headlights from Bi-Xenon (PDLS) to LED (PDLS+) with the matrix function. The problem is that I see the LED headlights with different codes on them. All of them are for the first gen Macan, all of them are...
  3. Electronics
    I'm brand new to this forum. Bought a 2017 macan s and I want to know if I can replace my xenon/HID with the turbo LED version Porsche got. I love the all blacked look and I feel like LED is more sharp. If I buy the headlights can the dealer reprogram it, IF it needs to be?
  4. Modifications
    Hello All, I am toying with the idea of upgrading my 2016 Macan S with an LED Steering Wheel. Does anyone have any experience with this modification? I have found the below linked company. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! LED Steering Wheel Thanks
  5. Electronics
    I have a set of Led headlights to make the conversation in a Macan 2015 i have the moduls and fans but are missing the Led bulbs.from the headlights ... do you know where i can find and cost ?thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results