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  1. Modifications
    There was so much potential on 22 macan ambient light but looks like Porsche didnt even care about it. The footwell lights are pathetic so dim and so are the led strips on door panel . I wanted to increase the brightness for footwell lights and change entire interior ambient lights to blue...
  2. Modifications
    Good Afternoon everyone, I'm quite a fan of ambient lighting in cars, the BMW X5 has amazing ambient lighting and I've googled a few things and looked at the forums and haven't seen really anything touching this fact. This youtube video showcases some lighting which I'm curious about, even...
  3. Interior
    As we wait for our delivery, my son asked what does the interior lighting at night look like? Our BMW has orange lighting with an orange glow down the door. Anyone have Picts or a good description? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results