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  1. Interior
    Anyone interested in original floor mats from my old, 2017 Macan GTS? I took them out of the vehicle in 2019, replacing with Porsche all weather floor mats. They've been in storage in a vacuum seal bag since then. I sold the vehicle about a year ago. I just found I still have them. I ask the...
  2. Interior
    Hello -- I just took home a 2017 Macan GTS I'm in love with! It's low mileage at 40k, Sapphire Blue, and Black/Luxor Beige interior. The only issue that I'm trying to work through is the steering tilt/telescope switch/button (see the attached photo). The steering wheel tilts/telescopes just...
  3. Interior
    As we wait for our delivery, my son asked what does the interior lighting at night look like? Our BMW has orange lighting with an orange glow down the door. Anyone have Picts or a good description? Thanks
  4. Modifications
    I found out the hard way, that the center console armrest pad easily slides forward when I lean on it to adjust my position in the driver's seat. Anything in the cupholder that's below the armrest level is fine but a Venti Non Fat Latte will get smashed as the armrest slides into the lid. In my...
  5. Interior
    My lock date is Dec 3rd on 22 Macan S. I am sold on the Night Blue (Have always loved this color especially when I see in person). Originally I was going black especially on 21 Macan because Garnett red was to bright in my opinion. Now the Bordeaux Red/Black is available and think it looks...
  6. Interior
    Here some pics so far with some interior carbon fiber pieces. (I’m obsessed with carbon fiber) exterior I have my mirrors, fogs, door handles in CF and a CF spoiler coming soon all off amazon or eBay. Just type Porsche macan carbon fiber and have a field day.
  7. Porsche Macan Classified Forum
    I replaced my Piano Black trim on my 2020 Macan S. So, I am Selling my like new Piano Black trim for $200 +Shipping.
1-7 of 7 Results