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  1. Ordering and Features Questions
    For the GTS build, there is a $0 option to make the "PORSCHE" logo in Matte Black and "Macan GTS" Model Designation in High Gloss Black, whereas this would cost $590 CAD for the S trim. The Standard Features list has conflicting info on what kind of black is used as default with the GTS (under...
  2. Australia 🇦🇺
    Loving my first Porsche - 2017 Macan GTS. I noticed though that the exhaust is rustier than i observed from other cars we had. Did you have similar experience? How much does it cost to replace in Australia/Brisbane? Thanks
  3. Ordering and Features Questions
    How much is everyone putting down as deposit? (specifically in the U.S. market) What is the "usual" deposit that Porsche requires? 10%? If I were to put down a deposit to reserve a spot/allocation in the future without actually submitting an order, how much would I be expected to put down as...
  4. Macan Vehicle Sales
    2017 CPO Porsche Macan S (UNICORN) Upgraded GTS Body kit + GTS Tail Lights PDLS Headlights OEM Black Spyder Wheels Black Muffler Tips 20% Tints All Around Black Roof Rails Red Calipers CLEAN TITLE VIN: WP1AB2A54HLB16573 CPO until March 2023, covers Unlimited Mileage Located in Boston, MA...
    $35,500 USD
  5. Macan Vehicle Sales
    2017 Macan GTS Volcano Grey with Xpel see through mat finish and red trim. Very unique look that most people love. I will post better pictures of the car tomorrow. Just wanted to get this post up. 64k miles No accidents and no technical modifications have ever been made to the...
    $45,000 USD
  6. Macan Parts
    Hi I have set of 20" winter tires off my GTS it only has 1000 miles on them and its in like new condition 265 45 20 295 40 20 Michelin Latitute Alpin N0 Please PM if interested.
    $700 USD
  7. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    New wheels finally fitted, had to order in conical seated extended lugs. HRE FF10 in Tarmac Squared 22x10.5" ET35 setup 10mm spacer in the front, 20mm in the rear Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus 295/30R22 No rubbing, lowered it even more than I had previously. Question: for those running 22s...
  8. Ordering and Features Questions
    Hello all! First post and first porsche. Grateful for the heaps of information and inspirations from this forum, and now my order for GTS is about to lock in four days! I really like the extended bordeaux interior, so struggling a bit with deciding the body color that pops but also wouldn’t...
  9. Modifications
    1.7" lower, wheel gap settled at 2 finger widths on the front, 2.2 on the back Airmatic lowering links adjusted 10.5mm on the front, 10mm on the back Flat 6 wheel spacers, 10mm front/12mm back I think that it looks pretty flush 😊
  10. Porsche Macan Pictures 📷
    Durring alignment: Getting washed before PPF inspection (before link adjustments) Had a twin at the detailer's shop, from the Porsche dealership After detail, before getting links adjusted: Flush, -2 degree camber on the rears
  11. Porsche Macan Pictures 📷
    How often/frequently do you guys/gals wash your car?
  12. Porsche Macan Pictures 📷
    Finally picked this up from the detailer, and it looks so slick 😍 the tire shine really makes it pop. Full Kavaca PPF by CeramicPro, Kavaca IR 55% tint on the front roll-ups (& 1/4s), ceramic coating for glass and wheels/barrels/calipers (wheels off), and waiting on rear reflector tints...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hello, all! I have been lurking around the forum in anticipation of purchasing this car, and I am happy that I have finally claimed this beauty. Was the car of a sales manager at a Mazda dealership, so it came with 4000km and a dealership ceramic coating. Will be wrapping the entire car in...
  14. User Reviews
    I’ve put on about 500 miles now since delivery this past Thursday. Here are my initial thoughts. Really enjoying the car so far. Much more practical than the Mustang GT I had previously and much more comfortable for my long commute. Looking forward to many more miles with it! Build Quality -...
  15. Complaints 🤬
    Hi everyone! I’ve been fortunate to pick up a brand new 2022 Macan GTS in chalk (gorgeous color) less than a week ago. I’m 300 miles in, and this whistling noise just appeared. Video recording for the noise below. It happens at startup, then once warmed up it only happens when accelerating, 25...
  16. Other
    Up For sale is an excellent condition Cobb access port V3 unit with all original packaging and accessories, Its been removed and unmarried from my Macan.
    $975 USD
  17. Deliveries 😁
    I just took delivery of my 2022 GTS in Chalk Photos below Timeline Request/Deposit - August 15th, 2021 Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr Delivery Allocation - The dealer didn't get any slots May Delivery Allocation - December 19th, 2021 Build Locked - January 15th, 2022 Arrived - May 15th, 2022 Status...
  18. New Build Critiques
    Hey there guys, tomorrow is the lock day of the following build: The Porsche Code I’d say the only thing I’m not entirely sure about is the color but I think I’ll go with black over crayon and if I ever change my mind I’ll use the money saved to wrap it. The idea is to change it within 2/3...
  19. New Member Introductions
    Hello there everyone, I've been following the activity on the forum for a while and it's been tremendously helpful. I'm currently looking at ordering a 2022 Macan GTS but delivery estimates are already set to 2023 minimum but just last week a client from my local dealership cancelled its order...
1-19 of 46 Results