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  1. Modifications
    Brand new Macan (no pasm) with 1000km now. First time going down a not so steep parking lot and felt the car shuddering downhill . I installed the h&r springs yesterday, but I doubt it’s causing this.. yet im sure the dealership will pin it on that. anyone noticed this ?
  2. Modifications
    This install guide is for the Flat 6 Motorsport diverter valves, but can also be used as a guide for the front bumper removal on a 95b Porsche Macan. I always like to start from the top and make my way down. It is useful to have a lift for this project but is not necessary. Tools needed are...
  3. Macan Parts
    Selling my Flat 6 smoked side markers. Had them on for 1 day and took them off. Prefer the stock markers. Unfortunately they can't be returned once they're installed, so my loss is your gain. PRICE: $50 (including shipping in USA) (MSRP $65 + shipping) Fits: 2015+ Porsche Macan (including all...
1-3 of 3 Results