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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello, I've decided to create this topic since I've not find anything here related to this with technical instructions. If somebody will find this usefull I will bevery pleased about this. Before starting to read this, I may inform you that I'm sorry for my English gramma in some occasions I...
  2. Modifications
    There was so much potential on 22 macan ambient light but looks like Porsche didnt even care about it. The footwell lights are pathetic so dim and so are the led strips on door panel . I wanted to increase the brightness for footwell lights and change entire interior ambient lights to blue...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    This video describes my DIY process for changing gearbox/front axle compartment oil of the PDK transmission. This is not the PDK clutch oil change. Disclaimer: This is a DIY on my own Porsche Macan S. This video only serves as an illustration of my own experience performing DIY maintenance...
  4. Porsche Macan Classified Forum
    Durametric Enthusiast OBD tool - used for service indicator reset. For the Macan, it will only work on early 95Bs (all models up to MY16). It WILL not do battery registration or rear brake service. It will read and clear diagnostic codes, air bag lights, reset (backdate or mileage based) service...
    $150 USD
1-4 of 4 Results