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  1. Modifications
    Just received this from Cobb Tuning this morning: "2019-2021 USDM PORSCHE MACAN S, GTS, AND TURBO NOW SUPPORTED! The Porsche Macan (S, GTS, Turbo) Accessport is now available for the 2019-2021 (95B.2) model years! Increase power output by over 30% with a simple flash tune! No need to remove the...
  2. Other
    Cobb Accessport (AP3-POR-009). Used for 3 years but recently sold 2015 Macan Turbo. Inclusive of all stage 1-3 maps, many of which are no longer available on Cobb's site. Will work for 2015-18 MACAN BASE / S / GTS / TURBO: $900 shipping included
  3. Other
    I sold my 2017 Macan and no longer have a need for these. The crossbar members were installed on the car but the snowboard/ski rack was never used, keys, bags, everything included. Porsche Roof Rack and Snowboard/Ski holders - $650 shipped Thank you
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  4. Modifications
    This install guide is for the Flat 6 Motorsport diverter valves, but can also be used as a guide for the front bumper removal on a 95b Porsche Macan. I always like to start from the top and make my way down. It is useful to have a lift for this project but is not necessary. Tools needed are...
  5. Other
    Purchased in August 2020. Used on my 2015 Macan S. Was incredible. Sold my Macan S. Now selling the Cobb Accessport which was uninstalled from the vehicle obviously before selling it. Comes with all original packaging, etc. I live in NJ. Feel free to ping me with offers.
  6. Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    I have a Cobb accessport for sale , I don't have the accessories only the device , if anyone is intrested you can throw out some offers .
  7. Modifications
    I just installed the AMS Performance Intercoolers on my 2017 Macan S and loaded my Cobb Stage 2 Map - left the shop on Friday and got about half a mile down the street and noticed I was only getting 10psi max of boost compared to 15psi before install also after launching WOT a check engine light...
1-7 of 7 Results