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  1. Interior
    Currently debating between carbon fiber interior trim and throwing some Xpel Stealth over the piano black trim on my Macan S build. I saw a few pics of the stealth film over the center console trim, and I think it gave a great matte look. Does anyone have pics doing the same thing to the...
  2. Other
    Selling brand new unique Karbon Porsche real CF plate cover. Hand made and authentic. red Porsche wording. PM if interested. Bought for 100 selling for around 80. Thank you
  3. Interior
    I know this subject has been thrashed around on all site/threads, but Ive been using LEXOL plastic cleaner on my other cars, and wonder what is recommended for the plastic surfaces in the Macans interior? While we are on the subject, which wax is recommended for a WHITE color? The car was...
  4. Porsche Macan Pictures
    Carbon fiber inlays! Fit over OEM with 3m tape: perfect fit. No more plastic eBay
  5. Porsche Macan Classified Forum
    Selling my carbon fiber mid spoiler. Only been on car for 2 weeks! Nice real carbon fiber weave and UV protected. PM for details ... would like DMV pick up.. Shipping can be talked about US only
  6. Interior
    Here some pics so far with some interior carbon fiber pieces. (I’m obsessed with carbon fiber) exterior I have my mirrors, fogs, door handles in CF and a CF spoiler coming soon all off amazon or eBay. Just type Porsche macan carbon fiber and have a field day.
1-6 of 6 Results