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  1. Electronics
    My order lockin date is quickly approaching. As the Burmester upgrade is beyond my budget and I have an aversion for any Bose products, I will be "updrading" the base audio. I hope to be able to match or surpass the Burnmester sound quality, within half the option price. A few questions that...
  2. Electronics
    Background There is a single posting here with measurements taken via in-ear microphone. You can find it here. The aim of this post is to take a deeper dive into the objective performance of the Bose system. I have too many measurements to share here, but I can send a link with the full files...
  3. Macan Vehicle Sales
    Long-time PCA member-owned 2015 Macan S (WP1AB2A51FLB73097) with 89k miles in Agate Grey Metallic with Pebble Gray leather interior with the following options: Macan S 7X8 ParkAssist (Front and Rear) with Reversing Camera 7Y1 Lane Change Assist (LCA) 9VL BOSE® Surround Sound System...
  4. Electronics
    I previously posted in the ‘Upgrades to CDR+?’ thread that I greatly improved the base audio in my 2016 Macan S by installing a Memphis Audio 10” powered subwoofer. It is true that the system sounded a whole lot better with the addition of the sub, but after listening to the upgraded sound...
1-4 of 4 Results