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  1. Ordering and Features Questions
    How much is everyone putting down as deposit? (specifically in the U.S. market) What is the "usual" deposit that Porsche requires? 10%? If I were to put down a deposit to reserve a spot/allocation in the future without actually submitting an order, how much would I be expected to put down as...
  2. New Build Critiques
    Hi Folks. I would appreciate a critique of the new build of my 2022 Macan S that I intend to order soon. This is my first Porsche. I am 69 yo, retired, living on the Sonoma coast in northern California (Highway One, The Sea Ranch) — a road carving dreamland. I test drove a friend’s 2020 Macan...
  3. Ordering and Features Questions
    Hello Porsche enthusiasts. I just ordered 2022 Macan S for early March delivery. Only thing I am not sure about is the brushed aluminum trim being too bright with beige interior. I did not like piano black and any of the wood trims. Let me know what you guys think. PNF63KG2...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I'm just waiting for my allocation for my 2022 S. It will be my first ever Porsche and I could not be more excited! This forum has been very helpful already in figuring out my build...would love input! Here's my build: The Porsche Code
  5. New Build Critiques
    First off. This forum is incredibly helpful and its amazing that there is actually a site dedicated to this particular car - The Porsche Macan. I am close to pulling the trigger on 2022 Porsche Macan S. I can‘t believe how my budget keeps increasing but I am trying to keep options to what I...
1-5 of 5 Results