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  1. Deliveries 😁
    Hi! First of all, I am very grateful to all you here for your posts and discussions. I have been reading the forum since about summer '21, and it's been a great help and entertainment. Now, back to the main subject: After waiting for 6 months, I had the pleasure of taking delivery of my 2022 GTS...
  2. User Reviews
    I’ve put on about 500 miles now since delivery this past Thursday. Here are my initial thoughts. Really enjoying the car so far. Much more practical than the Mustang GT I had previously and much more comfortable for my long commute. Looking forward to many more miles with it! Build Quality -...
  3. Deliveries 😁
    Picked up this beauty yesterday. Probably put on about 100 miles so far. Don’t have too many first impressions, but I’m super impressed with the build quality. I’ve been treating it gingerly until break in is over, but will definitely be pushing it hard after!
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello there everyone, I've been following the activity on the forum for a while and it's been tremendously helpful. I'm currently looking at ordering a 2022 Macan GTS but delivery estimates are already set to 2023 minimum but just last week a client from my local dealership cancelled its order...
  5. New Build Critiques
    Hey guys! I actually ordered a 2022 Macan S last week however after reading all the amazing posts on this forum I'm thinking about switching to the GTS. The reason is because my S was fully equipped with many options that come standard on the GTS like, PASM w Air Suspension, Porsche Sport...
  6. New Build Critiques
    Hey everyone, New member here. I managed to get an allocation for a 2022 GTS in NJ. March lock date with delivery sometime in July. Looking for some advice on this build: The Porsche Code This will be my daily driver, and the only car between my fiancé and me (we are a fairly young couple...
    GTS getting ready for PDi service
  8. New Build Critiques
    Posting my real-life experience for anyone here interested in a 2022 Macan GTS allocation or future purchase. Keep in mind this is the "new GTS" and the "Turbo" model is technically now the GTS for at least the 2022 model year. I called my local Porsche dealership one month ago and inquired...
1-9 of 9 Results