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  1. West
    If you are in Utah and are looking for a Macan GTS allocation, my SA just had one come in. They will verify your Drivers license for location, so unless you have a good excuse you won't be able to get it. Post below if you are interested and I can get you the details.
  2. New Build Critiques
    Hey everyone, New member here. I managed to get an allocation for a 2022 GTS in NJ. March lock date with delivery sometime in July. Looking for some advice on this build: The Porsche Code This will be my daily driver, and the only car between my fiancé and me (we are a fairly young couple...
  3. New Build Critiques
    Posting my real-life experience for anyone here interested in a 2022 Macan GTS allocation or future purchase. Keep in mind this is the "new GTS" and the "Turbo" model is technically now the GTS for at least the 2022 model year. I called my local Porsche dealership one month ago and inquired...
1-3 of 3 Results