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  1. Macan s vs. Macan Gts vs. ford raptor vs. bmw x3m competition

    Porsche Macan Versus the Competition
    Thank you!
  2. New square avatar!

    Site News
    I really like the new avatar design! Woo-hoo! 😉
  3. Porsche Macan Turbo Test Drive

    Porsche Macan Pictures
    WHAT??? Why are all of the cars so wet? Raining in the UK?!? (kidding... 😉 ) Who moved the steering wheel? 😱 Kidding again. Interesting - the key is on the right to allow the driver to start the car and with the other hand put it into gear and go roaring off - mirroring the LHD...
  4. First Oil Change At 1 year or 10K miles?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    One year or 10K miles? Yes. That's why it's based on both. Either 10K miles or after the oil has been sitting in the engine for 1 year.
  5. Oil Leaks

    If we're talking about the timing chain cover, the issue is not one of a design flaw, rather one of installation. Some number of the Torx bolts used to affix the cover to the engine block were over torqued when the engine was assembled. Some time later, after multiple hot/cold cycles, some...
  6. Macan left running overnight for 9 hours...issue??

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    That's coking - one 'o'. As for theory (used above), it can be viewed a few different ways. Merriam-Webster has the following to say: 1. A plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle ... offered to explain phenomena 3. a. A hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or...
  7. Standard Interior in Agate or Black on Agate SE

    Ordering and Features Questions
    FWIW, if the CPO has had body work, the dealer needs to disclose the fact. Also, a PPI is a good idea - even for a CPO. Get it done at a Porsche independent shop, preferably one that is not good buddies with the dealer. I own an Agate/Agate Turbo, leather interior with carbon fiber trim &...
  8. 2020 Macan park assist + surround shows no guide lines

    ...or it's another cost saving measure to go along with the loss of the Jukebox...
  9. After delivery...

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    PASM is electronic control of the internal valving of the shocks/struts. Since Porsche does not provide wiring harness leads for items not ordered, it is unlikely your Macan would have the wiring present - even if you did opt to purchase PASM supported dampers. You could ask your dealer...
  10. Those who have moved on from the Macan. Do you miss it?

    Macan General Discussion Forum
    Interesting. I had a 2018 Panamera 4S loaner for a month. When I got my Macan Turbo back, one of the first things I noticed was how much more tossable the Macan was than the Panny. It has a shorter wheelbase and should be quicker handling (and, of course, it is). Not only is the Panny l o n...
  11. Alignment after new tires

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    If the old tires were worn evenly, there's no need to do an alignment. Period. An alignment is called for if you are seeing uneven tire wear and/or you've had suspension work done that would lower the car. Would I trust Firestone to do an alignment on my Porsche, absolutely not. 😱
  12. Oil leak not completely fixed by warranty repair

    OP - your leak was reported while still under warranty. It would have been a good idea to take photos before and just after the repair, to ensure the dealer techs cleaned up the mess from the (original) leak. That way, you could be certain any iol you're now seeing is from a new leak - and not...
  13. Electronic issues fixed with battery replacement?

    What year is your Macan? How long has the battery been in service? Have you had the battery tested? Is its output level 'normal'? Newer cars are extremely sensitive to voltages! If the voltages on given lines are not what the components anticiapte (or within their operational 'ranges'), then...
  14. Macan Ride Height - front to rear bias when lowered

    In your photo, it appears the gap between the tire and the edge of the fender is slightly greater in the front than in the rear. Perhaps it's the angle from which the photo was taken or the lighting? Based on your post, I would expect the front to sit a bit lower than the rear.
  15. 2019 macan muffler delete 4cylinder

    No doubt those people in the Youtube are the same ones who modified their tricycles and bicycles in the past... https://www.facebook.com/classictelevisioncommercials/videos/vrroom-engine-toy-by-mattel-1960s/2020821608181816/
  16. 2019 macan muffler delete 4cylinder

    Let's put the can back in MaCAN
  17. Delete Destinations in 2019 PCM Navigation

    ANOTHER Macan owner who doesn't have an Owner's Manual? Did Porsche stop providing them for the newer Macans? How about: An excerpt from, you guessed it, the Owner's Manual...
  18. Cargraphic Lowering Module

    Macan Parts
    The adjustments are not made using dip switches - rather potentiometers (AKA pots). One pot is used to adjust the front to rear rake. The other pot adjusts the ride height. A small screwdriver is required. The pots are accessible on the side of the module. The adjustments are carried out with...
  19. What are some of the standard features on the S that are optional on the Base?

    Ordering and Features Questions
    READ the following: https://www.porsche-neuchatel.ch/files/234/porsche-us-macan-2017.pdf Especially pages 30 and 34.
  20. Caught a package thief with my dash camera

    Porsche Macan Lounge
    We have 6" high numbers on the front of our house, as well as the numbers displayed on our mailbox by the street. Our neighbors also have mailboxes with the street numbers displayed. Perhaps someone can explain why the Am*z*n drivers have repeatedly left OUR packages with the neighbors and/or...
1-20 of 458 Results