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  1. I'm almost convinced that the 992 Gt3 will be my next car

    Porsche 911 Forum
    To be honest, I haven't paid much attention. The little I've noticed there are some things I don't like. Just a small list Split 20/21" wheels? Why? PTS $11400? Thats crazy Little shift thing in the middle for PDK? Well I wouldn't buy PDK but it looks silly They keep changing the interior just...
  2. The world we live in today...?

    Porsche Macan Lounge
    Dont be so literal. Every one knows what a metaphor is in this context.
  3. EU confirms all new cars will be fitted with breathalysers from 2022

    Porsche Macan Lounge
    :LOL: EU is so messed up. Why breath?
  4. Thinking of Macan and curious about DIY maintenance

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    There is along discussion on warranty issues here https://www.macanforum.com/threads/the-official-will-this-void-my-warranty-discussion-debate-thread.34906/ including the MM Act. After seeing hundreds of complaints across the car world about warranty work, most of the denials concern aftermarket...
  5. Mass Inspection and COBB Accessport

    OT posts removed. Stick to the subject at hand. Thanks.
  6. My new car is killing me...

    Macan General Discussion Forum
    Crap? Did you say crap? :poop: Who knew that:poop: was actually a worry? https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/diarrhea-poured-on-woman-hollywood-homeless-564585101.html "a man randomly pulled her out of the car, dragged her out to the middle of the street, and dumped a bucket of feces on...
  7. The world we live in today...?

    Porsche Macan Lounge
    They used to. I remember there was some lessons on household budgets or something like that. Maybe it was in shop class? There was something. It doesn't matter. Everyone has to learn the hard way. Sometimes you have to feel the pain to understand that those who came before you already knew...
  8. Security Wheel Bolts and Wrench Socket

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Maybe. I think its far more than 20, maybe 120? How lucky do you feel? They are also expensive and custom ordered. Its not like they keep those things in stock. And it won't help anyway. Read https://rennlist.com/forums/991/878620-wheels-lost-in-parking-garage.html Funny thing about the 911...
  9. It’s almost 2020 and there are still over 200 new 2018s in the lots

    Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    There are ~ 189 dealers in the USA. 23,504 Macans were sold in 2018. That's .9% dead stock. How much leftover stock is there at Chevy, Ford, BMW, Honda dealers? They could sit. Guessing there. I doubt they go to auction. They could be used as demo cars, loaners, etc. As others said, the ticket...
  10. Base Macan Order with 24k in Options

    Ordering and Features Questions
    We were ASKED to judge. Quote: In early 2014 MSRP for an S was $49,900. There is a poll here about the percentage of options. I can't find it with the "new look" but the results were shocking to me. I support the bespoke pricing model. I don't what what you want nor should you be forced to...
  11. Poll: If you currently own a Macan, Will you buy an EV Macan?

    Macan General Discussion Forum
    This thread is a poll, sense of the community of the percentage of current owners who might be willing to buy an EV Macan. Its not for arguing about if climate change is real or in reference to the Macan and EVs. The OT posts in this thread regarding Climate Change and EVs have been moved to...
  12. Is the dealer-offered polysteel worth it?

    Appearance and Body
    I do not know the specifics of the OP's dealer. So, when talking to the dealer's competitors, those offering the same services as the dealer, they tell you to not use the dealer. There's no conflict of interest there, is there? 🤔 I always believe the competitors advertising. 😐 This is true...
  13. Traffic information on PCM

    Ordering and Features Questions
    Waze is free. Does the same thing. Voice. And crowdsources where the potholes and LEOs are. I dont see why pay for what is free?
  14. How to back out from a reply?

    Community Help
    On the top right of the box is a floppy disk. Click and hit delete draft.
  15. How to back out from a reply?

    Community Help
    AFAIK, just clear it out. It seems to store drafts, waiting for you to return, as long as you don't actually hit Post Reply
  16. 2020 Corvette, a 911 beater?

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    I know, I went right to the Comedian Letterman. Its an American thing. Sometimes I have to look at the little flags to see who I'm talking to ;) While my top 10 list was in jest, I can succinctly point to a few points that are valid for America. I have never bought a GM car and have no...
  17. 2020 Corvette, a 911 beater?

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    🤣 Not a Letterman fan? I guess if you don't have 3,000 Chevy dealers you don't see NASCAR either. ;)
  18. 2020 Corvette, a 911 beater?

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Top 10 Reasons to get a Z06 vs 911 Turbo 10. The Z06 will be just as fast, if not faster, than the 911 for all practical purposes and since Porsche is abandoning ICE racing, probably get crushed by the GM Teams in GTE Pro and Am. 9. You'd have enough money left over to buy a Cadillac Escalade...
  19. Off road

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    The discussion turned to local governments making laws to mandate snow tires. AFAIK, of course a state can make road rules, and they do. I Doubt the federal government ever will mandate snow tires unless its considered a safety mandate. But states do mandate chains and tires. But post 47 did...
1-20 of 169 Results