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  1. Should Porsche just save the cost and use the Q5 transmission?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    +1. Could not agree more with this statement!
  2. So I tried the seat warmer -for my first time.

    Porsche 911 Forum
    I find level 3 to be way too hot! and I’m in Chicago where it’s pretty cold out, but perhaps I just prefer it more warm than hot ... So I’m usually using level 1 and on occasion level 2.
  3. Five Years of Macan Secrets/Tricks compiled into one post!

    Macan General Discussion Forum
    I’m confirming that the brake lights do stay on when brake hold is engaged.
  4. Understanding Model deletion option.

    Ordering and Features Questions
    I feel it's a design preference for the individual. In the same way that designer brands make a variety of models; some bags/apparel have large Prada, Gucci or Luis Vuitton logos and emblems emblazoned on them while other models by the same brand have a more understated look. Similarly for a...
  5. Here's Why You Avoid Non Warranty Dealer Service!

    Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    Does PEC allow you to take your actual car and track it alone without an instructor? If so that would be great and I definitely agree that they are demonstrating capability to take abuse. However a couple PEC experience posts I read suggest that it is not your actual car and that you have to sit...
  6. Cargo area questions

    Bringing this back up because today I bought something from the store that was a little tall and I had to remove the cargo cover (or trunk cover as they call it in the manual), and realized I had no where to put the trunk cover! I thought it should fit under the trunk floor where the spare tire...
  7. No welcome or help on the Cayenne forum

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    This is the forum I was referring to: https://www.cayenneforums.com/
  8. BMW under SEC investigation

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    BMW SEC sales probe https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/23/investing/bmw-sec-sales-probe/index.html
  9. No welcome or help on the Cayenne forum

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    From what I've observed (and I don't mean to generalize), Cayenne owners don't really buy into the Porsche lore or traditions and aren't truly excited about the badge. I'm sure they like their vehicle, but maybe they see their car as just another luxury performance SUV to own and don't immerse...
  10. Upgrades to 2020 Macan base model

    If you want more exhaust sound you can go with the sport exhaust system - the Porsche one is about $3,000 to put in and there are slightly less expensive aftermarket ones (I think Remus is pretty popular). Soul Performance Products also makes well reviewed exhaust systems but they don't...
  11. Remote start

    They just don't focus on these things. They could, but choose not to; instead they focus on (invest in) making a great driving machine without all the bells and whistles.
  12. Anyone know why/how exactly putting your Macan into offroad mode exacerbates a bad transfer case?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    This really does make sense!
  13. Anyone know why/how exactly putting your Macan into offroad mode exacerbates a bad transfer case?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    I'm not answering your question directly, but when I put my '18 base Macan into Off Road mode and turn the wheel to the right and slowly move off, there is noticeable vibration/stuttering. When I turn the wheel all the way to the left, there is no discernible vibration. I thought it odd and...
  14. Any owner with just a few options or no options at all?

    Ordering and Features Questions
    So mine is really a base model with hardly any options. The only option on there is the heated steering wheel. Nothing else, not even the roof rack rails or sunroof.
  15. Engine oil temp and transmission behavior

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    May I clarify if you said it goes away "for the most part" indicating that there is still clunking going on? That could possibly mean an inherent problem with the transmission that is just less obvious when oil temperature cools. I would expect there shouldn't be any clunking at all...
  16. Macan Headlamp Washer

    Porsche Macan Videos
    So I tested this the other evening on my 2018 Macan... switched on the engine, kept car in park, found the button under the wiper stalk, opened the driver door while sitting in the drivers seat, stuck my head out to take a peek, and pushed the button. BIG mistake keeping my head out - I got...
  17. Paint Protection for my new Macan S

    Appearance and Body
    This may be a very ignorant question but here goes: If you use PPF can you still wash and wax/buff your car or does that film get in the way? I can’t imaging the film will adsorb the polish... On the other hand, for ceramic I think that’s like a premium wax so I believe with that application...
  18. How can I stop radio from playing loudly after phone is unplugged?

    Did you have to turn the volume up after you plugged your phone in? I have noticed that the sound coming through the phone tends to be softer than when coming from the radio. So if you had to turn the volume up, I can see that after unplugging your phone the radio volume would come through...
  19. How do you tell time?

    Porsche Macan Lounge
    My phone is usually in my pocket/briefcase so I would look at my watch. A few months ago I installed a few Amazon Echos in my home so lately when sitting on my couch I actually ask out loud "Alexa, what's the time?"
  20. Good Porsche Indy Shop in Chicago?

    I haven't actually brought my car to this Indy for a service because I just did the 10K at the dealer (since it was included free of charge on my '18 Macan). But I have read good things about Midwest Performance Cars. The owner Andy is an active PCA member and they frequently collaborate on...
1-20 of 51 Results