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  1. What will your next 911 be ?

    Porsche 911 Forum
    I'm afraid the deciding factor is what financial state one is in at the time. I'm lusting over a GT3 but the GT3 RS is even nicer. Those are exactly dreams.. A "T" really wouldn't cut it and a Turbo would be a good choice too. I wish I had these problems... At this stage a bigger boat would have...
  2. IPD Plenum 997.1 3.8

    Porsche 911 Forum
    Ok, So I decided to make one performance modification to a stock 2007 Carrera S. I did not want to go down the road of one mod leading to yet more mods and distracting from a great performing stock vehicle. As with every other vehicle I've owned the stock air filter element is the first to go...
  3. The 997

    Porsche 911 Forum
    997.1 C2S, If you looking for a 997 be patient. There are quite a few cars out there. Decide what color and options would be acceptable. Be diligent in your search and sooner or later you 997 will find you. Mine found me. It was at the dealer for about two days before I drove it home. My car...
  4. Did this ever happen to you?

    If you recently washed the car the brake pads stuck to the rotors...
  5. Crack on windshield. Can it be fixed?

    Appearance and Body
    Zero deductible on full glass..
  6. Crack on windshield. Can it be fixed?

    Appearance and Body
    We live in NY too. **** roads and worse drivers. There is so much debris on the road not to mention little stones mixed with the salt. You would not notice an audible impact in a snow storm. Catch the windshield in the right spot and the tiniest stone will crack it... Like I have stated above...
  7. Crack on windshield. Can it be fixed?

    Appearance and Body
    Full glass is absolute must have. I have had to replace windshields in ever single vehicle I have owned and one or two twice. I have Geico as well. They will allow OEM glass on new vehicles. I have insisted in the past on OEM glass and have had no trouble getting it. My most recent dealings was...
  8. All this talk about front axle lift

    Porsche 911 Forum
    I feel your pain. After purchasing my 997.1 C2S, the dealer ordered me a new lower lip and had it painted. The car has the GT3 Aero Kit front. I tossed out the old scrapped up lower valance and put the painted one away for safe keeping. I purchased a new OEM GT3 valance that comes in black...
  9. Your Damaged Macan Pics

    Porsche Macan Pictures
    I"ll bet you were hit by someone texting.... Most people don't get it.. besides they could have kill someone, motorcyclist, but after a hit like that who would feel the same about the car. Its a Porsche and I don't care what skills body shops possess that car will never feel the same ever. With...
  10. Best wheel cleaner

    Take it from a Harley Davidson owner who has had several motorcycles.. S100 Total Cycle Cleaner is the best and safest cleaner I have ever used. Hot, cold, sun, shade, spray it on work it with a brush or rag... leave it on.. let it dry, dosen't matter. Just hose it off and that crap just rinses...
  11. 2018 gt2rs

    Porsche 911 Forum
    My local dealer has a new Carrera GT2RS in the showroom. Well it's to die for. They are only looking for $200,000.00 over sticker, $349,000.00, for this amazing machine. Yes, thats almost $550,000.00.LOL. One can dream..., yes...
  12. Porsche Macan Winter Mats, Cargo Mat, Sun Shade

    Macan Parts
    FOR SALE: I recently parted with my 2018 Macan S. I jumped on the opportunity to purchase a 997 C2S. I now have a set of factory winter floor mats, rear cargo mat, and the Porsche Sun Shade all specific to the Macan. I would like to sell the set together. Best offer will take it all. I'm not...
  13. Golden Opportunity

    Porsche 911 Forum
    Thanks to all the well wishes...I'm madly in love. There's always a new Porsche on the horizon but a vintage 911 is a find to behold. Make no mistake, the Macan S was a dream but the 997 is a wet dream....
  14. Golden Opportunity

    Porsche 911 Forum
    Ok, So I've been in the 2018 Porsche Macan S for almost a year. It was my first Porsche and I didn't know what my expectations were going to be. I was amazed with the build quality and the fit and finish were amazing. My Macan was loaded with full leather, 20's, PSE, Sport Plus, and the all the...
  15. 2019 Macan facelift

    Ordering and Features Questions
    Well it took 129 pages of conjecture and still no hard evidence. When someone finally posts the 2019 Macan as it will be delivered, the conjecture people want to close the post... laughable....
  16. 2019 Macan facelift

    Ordering and Features Questions
    2019 Porsche Macan Revealed Here it is... The 2019 Porsche Macan: https://www.motor1.com/news/261088/2019-porsche-macan-walkaround-video/
  17. Planning on ordering a Base model soon, need advice

    Ordering and Features Questions
    In my opinion..., after taking delivery of a 2018 Macan S back in September I was very pleased with my choice. The vehicle was well equipped with full leather, Premium Plus, Connect Plus, Apple Car play, 20in sport wheels.... bla bla bla. Basically it had been dealer ordered as a "mature adult"...
  18. Porsche Macan S 1800 RPM Stumble? (revisited)

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Well, I will certainly post my findings once the car has been serviced by the dealer. I have a scheduled appointment for this Thursday. I will be more than curious to see what exactly was done and the result of that repair. You can bet I will know within 30 seconds if the issue was corrected and...
  19. It all started with a cracked windshield

    Appearance and Body
    When dealing with "high end vehicles" I always state to the insurance company "this is a Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche, and its not my Chevy truck". It will get a OEM windshield. They gave me ****, but ultimately I always got an OEM replacement done at the dealer.
  20. Porsche Macan S 1800 RPM Stumble? (revisited)

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    It was described as a "communication" error between the transfer case and the ECU..
1-20 of 45 Results