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  1. Paint Decontamination

    A very light mixture of good car soap and water, or a product like Griots speed shine to use as a lubricant for clay bar work. IronX does a good job, but they also have a version that removes tar and iron at the same time. Don’t use IronX to clay, you don’t want it to dry on the paint or in...
  2. Gas duped -- what do you do?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Race fuel is in a different category. Those are blended and produced to have higher Octane numbers and anti-knock additives that are cost prohibitive for most consumers. Octane boosters.....I may have been overly harsh, but the vast majority of brands sold in gas stations or online are just...
  3. The Truth on Electric Vehicles & Hybrids (why the public is deceived)

    Porsche Macan Lounge
    Completely agree. This is the biggest hurtle EVs are facing today. Tesla has taken the first step with their Supercharger network, but in heavy populated areas, there’s often not enough of them. Here’s where the charging times really matter, you just can’t get the number of cars through a...
  4. The Truth on Electric Vehicles & Hybrids (why the public is deceived)

    Porsche Macan Lounge
    To the OP. The advantage of the electric vehicle is that it CAN run on electricity and drastically reduce CO2 emitted over the life of the vehicle. That may sound like a stupid statement, but per your originally point, most power plants are currently Natural gas or coal fired and still emit...
  5. Foam cannons

    Porsche Macan Lounge
    Even with my gas pressure washer, I have to turn my MTM foam cannon all the way to "most foam" to get a decent result. Try higher soap ratios or a foam booster from Adams in addition to the restricter.
  6. "I don't buy it to sell it" -Resale Discussion

    Ordering and Features Questions
    I optioned mine for me...... not to sell it. Specifically I ordered no infotainment, because I didn't want it and thought it a waste. My salesman asked me several times to add it because it would help resale. I ordered PASM, air suspension, and active rear differential...... but not Sport...
  7. Lexus RX 350

    Porsche Macan Versus the Competition
    I just helped my neighbor change out the engine in his RX 350. They have a history of water pump impeller failures that if you don't catch end up overheating and warping the heads. They might have it fixed by now. (Especially if you're thinking new)
  8. Gas duped -- what do you do?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    89 "regular" or 87 "regular". Knock can occur during light load throttle tip in events, even when you think you're driving mild you can still be doing damage. Yes, you can absolutely damage your engine with 1 tank of 87 Octane. You might not know it immediately or for 30,000 miles. You...
  9. Cylinder Scoring- Engine Replacement Needed

    Knock systems are not infallible. Knock systems work by ‘hearing’ knock transmitted through the block. The problem is that knock must first occur at some level before the system even does anything AND the system must have enough Signal to noise ratio to determine that knock is occurring...
  10. Cylinder Scoring- Engine Replacement Needed

    Knock damage from 87 Octane fuel.
  11. Iphone 8+ not work with 2015 S

    My iPhone X connects and I've used it for hands free calls. But noticed that turn-by-turn direction that used to get pushed through the Audio no longer do. Need to work on it, but an 8 should work at this time. Over the Air software updates are on the list of items my next vehicle -must-...
  12. macan ownership experience, how has it been?

    User Reviews
    I'm an early adopter as well. There has been several annoyances, most fixed. The back windshield wiper is one of those that still bothers me. Overall quality, fit, finish, how the car has aged after 85,000 miles has been good. No major failures, corrosion resistance has been good, and...
  13. WTH is phosphate-free washer fluid

    Appearance and Body
    That's great until they put summer mixed windshield wash fluid into your car in the winter. And then it hits 0F and it cracks the washer bottle. Ask the dealership what temp its mixed to....... they'll either shrug because they don't know..... or lie, because mixing phosphate free winter...
  14. Macan GTS steering wheel pulls to the right

    Check for Lane Control On/off. As others pointed out....it has a mind of its own. Not a common issue. Take it to the dealer. You might have a steering joint or something else loose. Also check your tire pressures.
  15. Less than 4k miles in 1 Year. What maintenance?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    You need to drive more. 83,000 this morning. :D To the OP. The maintenance book that came with your car has mileage as well as time increments for maintenance. At 2 years: Oil change Brake fluid flush Cabin Air filter Wiper blades If you're in a cold climate...... and don't have a long...
  16. Transporting bicycles with a '15 Macan S

    Appearance and Body
    If its only for pedal bikes, there are a few aftermarket 2" hitch kits available for the Macan / Audi platform. You can also purchase the parts and do it yourself. I bought mine with both the hitch and roof rails just in case (not knowing which I would prefer). By far, I use a hitch mount...
  17. DIY Spark Plugs

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Not likely soon. Photobucket changed their terms of service and I'm unwilling to pay $400 a year to reestablish the 3rd party hosting links. I have to rebuild each of my posts manually with a different hosting service. Its taking time.
  18. Who's driven their Macan hard and what does it feel like?

    As others have posted, the Macan is well composed while driven to the edge, but it is not a sports car. The weight is felt at the limit, especially when extending a slide (in the snow) or rapid slower speed changes in direction ('chicanes). It tends to push and dive the nose when you overdrive...
  19. Photobucket 3rd Party Hosting - DIY Threads

    Community Help
    Darn. I'll try something else tonight.
  20. Photobucket 3rd Party Hosting - DIY Threads

    Community Help
    @grim I think I have a solution, but I can't edit my original threads. Are you able to give me "edit" rights to go back to old thread and modify the links? I'd prefer to keep the discussion part of them. Or if I build a new post, are you able to move all of the old replies to the new one...
1-20 of 480 Results