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  1. Rain-X windshield fluid KILLS the level sensor!!!

    That orange Rain-X fluid cost me a $400 repair on my last Audi and I would never put it into my Macan. Go with the blue stuff but check the temperature rating.
  2. Macan secrets/tricks

    Macan General Discussion Forum
    Good tip on cleaning the dashboard clock. Thanks!
  3. Power tailgate fix

    New Member Introductions
    The power tailgate on my new 2018 Macan refused to open more than an inch the other day using the switch on the keyfob. All was well using the switch on the drivers side door. I immediately launched into worry mode. I replaced the CR2032 battery in the keyfob and all is well again. Thumbs up...
  4. What other cars did you look at before getting this car?

    Porsche Macan Versus the Competition
    The only other vehicle I considered was a Q5, but the Macan grabbed me after the first test drive.
  5. A 600 mile day in my Macan GTS

    User Reviews
    My Macan only has about 250 miles or so, but my wife wants to go to every museum on Long Island so the miles will pile up. The seats are VERY comfortable...
1-5 of 5 Results