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  1. 2017 LED Headlights retrofit?

    Bump, TIA.
  2. 2017 LED Headlights retrofit?

    I am really interested in knowing more about adding Carplay to 2015/2016 as these ones are PCM 3.1. I have seen several solutions for adding carplay via third party modules install but nothing like this.
  3. (Random Find) Tesla / Volvo style center infotainment system for Macan...........

    Yeah, I am not necessarily a fan of that big screen compared to one-touch button/controls and I like to keep the stock look as is. However, mine is 2016 and I would like to add carplay/andriod auto. I see several options which are all either adding another electronic board or module to stock...
  4. Android mod

    @SDKAutos, can it be configured to have dual bootup options to support either andriod or iOS/carplay?
  5. (Random Find) Tesla / Volvo style center infotainment system for Macan...........

    I am interested in this too as PCM except the new ones are too outdated. I see few on rennlist doing it. https://rennlist.com/forums/cayenne-958-2011-2018/1134706-my-tesla-style-screen-on-my-cayenne.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=T5FodKqP2aA anyone contemplating about...
  6. Three issues so far after timing chain cover leak fix

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    @TXRed, mind sharing dealer/tech details? My car's original warranty is ending at the end of September and I am thinking about having a good dealer tech, Indy tech inspect everything with the car ( both's opinions in case one missed something ) so any work/issues can be addressed while the...
  7. New to me Turbo

    Thanks guys. my car usually goes around north Dallas to get some fresh air. Attaching the build sheet and pics here so its easier for viewing.
  8. New to me Turbo

    I am not sure, I might be wrong but I think those 21's would be fine for our weather as we don't have it that bad as the Northerners have. In any case, my sale included 18 inch winter tires/wheels which I could use if needed. Otherwise, I plan on selling them and use them toward getting an...
  9. New to me Turbo

    After missing an exclusive Macan turbo purchase last year, I was shopping for a newly re-designed base Cayenne around late last year but couldn't find anything to my liking such as color/options locally and I couldn't justify such dough for base car, S was way out of what I could afford...
  10. I Have My Turbo at Long Last!

    AFAIK, with Porsche, CPO would transfer only for the sales through Porsche dealership or private party. Any sale via non-Porsche dealer would void the CPO. can anyone comment if I am correct or not. Thank you
  11. I Have My Turbo at Long Last!

    I actually put a deposit on it after Christmas and it was taken off the market but was put back on the market coz of the delay while I was securing the funds. yes, I did look at the history of the car and learned that it was CPOed but it would lose the CPO as the sale is through non-porsche...
  12. I Have My Turbo at Long Last!

    Ditto so last year around this time, I was looking at similar exclusive Macan which was eventually bought by another forum member. Then after I kind of drifted away from Macan but accidentally came across a similar one in Chicago. This one has the exact MSRP, same build/options, just a...
  13. 2015 Macan turbo

    Macan Vehicle Sales
    You could do better if you don't need a car right away and can wait for the right one. considering 85k msrp of it, it's not an attractive deal compared to what I have come across...
  14. 2015 Macan Turbo, Exclusive - Buy advice.

    Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    Thank you all for the comments and advice. I think it is a good deal compared to what current market has to offer when I look at other turbos listed for sale. Someone certainly scored a good one with this Turbo. It was on sale for 2 weeks and got sold in two days after starting this thread...
  15. 2015 Macan Turbo, Exclusive - Buy advice.

    Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    Well, Just learned that it was sold. These pretzels are making me thirsty !!