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  • Zeus993 ·
    Hi! The ride is anything but harsh. I'd like it lighter and lower and thus my forthcoming move into the GTS. I think for me that car will be PERFECT. :)
    ptanev ·
    Hi Rammjamm,
    Just put a deposit on a very similar Macan. Mine is MY2016 Macan S in White Carrara Metallic, also w Leather Package in Black/Red Garnet, PP+, 20" RS Spyders, etc. Since we need a 3rd car fast, I could not wait on ordering with all the options that I would have liked. Therefore, I picked the above car. I think it has nearly perfect exterior/interior options/configuration. In addition, because I like the 21" 911 Turbo wheels a lot, the dealer offered to swap the 20" RS for new 21" Turbo wheels/summer tires when the car arrives. The car is now complete and about to be loaded on a ship at the port of Emden.
    After reading numerous reports on the Macan Forum, I beginning to doubt my decision. Many forum members are swearing about the benefits of PASM for smooth ride w large wheels. I am wondering how my car would handle w/o PASM w the 21" or 20" wheels? Can you please share your experience of the ride quality with your 20" wheels? Is it harsh? Do you have PASM?
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