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  • OSUBuckeye ·
    Has anyone purchased a key fob signal pouch to prevent amplification of the key fob signal? There are so many out there just wondering if there is a favorite among the Macan owners. Better safe than sorry.
    OSUBuckeye ·
    I am very close to locking my GTS order and got a great deal (thanks to Limulus). The car will be shipped from GA to WA and will cost $2,000 for a closed container or $1,300 for an open container. I am tempted to use the additional $700 to have it professionally detailed and install Xpel if I go the open route. On the other hand it seems silly to spend this much on a car and risk any possible delivery damage road issues over $700. Has anyone had any issues with shipping a car? Thoughts?
    julieindvik ·
    Hi Mike

    I emailed you earlier...sorry you didn't get this sooner.

    I got 5% from McKenna in Downey where I placed my order. I was also offered 5% from San Diego and 6%bfrom Downtown LA.
    OSUBuckeye ·
    I just put down the $2,000 deposit today for a diesel when it comes in next year. I have never owned a Porsche or Audi and I am considering the Audi A6 TDI as well.
    They are both great cars. Has anyone here owned an Audi? Likes? Dislikes?
    The Audi is more affordable by about $20,000 but does not get my blood moving like the Porsche: the Audi to me has ho hum looks. Also the Porsche may be more expensive to maintain.
    Thoughts anyone?
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