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  • Masscan ·
    Hi Keitho8567,

    Sorry for getting back to you so late. Hope your GTS got sorted out. I still love mine, but just recently my rear window sprayer died, and I'm now experiencing some brake pedal looseness. I'm hoping to bring it to Porsche of Burlington soon to get things fixed.
    Keitho8567 ·
    Hey Masscan,
    How goes things with your new GTS? I'm starting to experience some "bucking" or slight hesitations around 2nd-4th gear at low speeds (<40). It almost feels like a slight hesitation. got 3300 miles now. Love it, but I'm takin it into burlington Porsche to have it checked next week.

    Take care,
    Keith Vargas
    Peabody, Ma
    Masscan ·
    Hi Keitho8567,

    You most likely took delivery of your new Macan already...congrats!

    I don't plan on having Ceramic applied professionally, only PPF...on the nose/mirrors only (standard application). There's two shops near me in Burlington, MA:

    Q Car Care
    Tint Works

    If I go ceramic, most likely I'll apply it myself. I also plan on getting the front driver's/passenger's windows tinted as well.
    Keitho8567 ·
    Hi Masscan, are you planning to apply Ceramic to your GTS? if so, who are you going to have do it? I take delivery on Wednesday of my volcano grey S and was looking at 3 places near by me.

    Unique in Andover
    Xtreme in Middleton
    Danvers detail in Peabody
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