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  • [email protected]>@W ·
    I have an idea for you - buy my 2009 BMW 335d!

    I've owned it since 20K on the clock and it's been well taken care of and adult driven. Currently 81K miles.
    Research the vehicle. 285 HP and 427 TQ - and 33-37 MPG to boot!!! I've driven it 99+% of the time in a
    very docile manner.

    It's Alpinweiss 3 on gray leather - sport package, with 18" wheels, larger brakes, sport suspension (since
    replaced with Bilstein PSS10 coil-overs) paddle shifters, iDrive, sport, heated seats, fold down rear seats,
    etc.. I have the factory build sheet report.



    PSEE is 335d flipped over!
    catortega3881 ·

    I just ordered a Carrara White Macan GTS. I saw your post about how you wrapped your amber reflectors. Would you be so kind to send me a pic of this both with lights on and off?

    I'm thinking of wrapping instead of tinting to avoid any amber.

    Thanks very much!

    gakeanh ·
    Nam Dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp
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    Sơn Dịch vụ rà soát sổ sách
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    Cư Dịch vụ kế toán thuế trọn gói
    macanations ·
    Dear K-A, i've appreciated your views on AS and your logic makes sense. I have included it in my build, largely for the lowered look as i now realise that this is one important element to why some SUV's look really good and other look very ordinary

    My question is how often you change your ride height settings and why- i tried googling but its a pretty specific question so couldn't find an answer. I realise the AS has lots of potential for use but wondering how often that potential is put into real use.

    any advice much appreciated

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