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  • sergeyb ·
    Hi John, I have 2016 Turbo and have similar jerkiness/shudder when accelerating from a standstill that @Teddis reported. I was hopong COBB map would help that and I asked them if the map helps with smoothness of PDK shifts from 2nd to 3rd and they said that the maps only change engine parameters and not the PDK. Do your maps or testing somehow smooth the shifting of the PDK as this has been our issue from the time we bought the Macan. Sport mode (we do not have Sport+) or not, COBB map or not, it is still very jerky when going off the line somewhat aggressively on shifts from 1st to 2nd and then 2nd to 3rd that feels like hesitation or a transmission gremlin does not know how to shift gears. We do not use manual mode. Any help into this situation is appreciated.
    bkkchris ·
    Hey Jon, curious about the Stage 1+ tune for the GTS you offer. I saw the graph on the Turbo and it looked like a pretty decent performance gain for the $$, but any experience with the GTS on 91? Any chance your going to run the $79 sale on that tune again?
    duke5021 ·
    Hey Jon- I sent sent an email to your website and am looking for some help getting my new GTS to sound better.

    I'm coming from a Maserati, and when I got on the gas peddle in that thing it sounded great. The GTS doesn't have that same type of sound.

    Anything you can suggest I look at? Getting a little performance gain never hurts either so I'm open to that as well, but I'm looking for a little deeper sound. I don't want loud and obnoxious, just deep performance type sound. Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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