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  • [email protected]>@W ·

    Yeah - it's somewhat confusing...

    It's MacanTurbo upside down and backwards - with the limited ability to make
    some letters look the same standing on their head and reversed.

    For the 'r' in turbo, I chose 'j' and for the capital 'T' an uppercase 'L'.

    No backwards 'a' characters, so I chose the 'at' sign '@'. Similarly, no backwards 'c', so I chose '>'

    My original username was PSEE and that worked better for my previous ride, which was a 335d BMW.
    That one flips and reverses better. I didn't want to keep using a BMW handle in the Macan forum, so
    I played around with trying to flip MacanTurbo and eventually came up with [email protected]>@W.

    It's an approximation.

    I hope this helps to clear things up!


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