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  • speeder ·
    Good afternoon. I am considering the chip for my Macan S however I am concerned about voiding the factory warranty as well as increased wear and tear on the car. Questions please, is their a money-back guaranty and how difficult is the install?

    Thanks so much.

    Art Waters in Atlanta GA
    vumanhduc ·
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    Lý dia chi dao tao ke toan o hai duong không thành nghề
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    Somang Nam ·

    I was wondering if you could give me a quick estimate (incl. tax, service fee, etc) on the following incident.

    I recently hit the squared corner pillar in the underground parking lot.
    So the left rear quarter got scraped AND the edge of the tailgate bottom got a deep dent.
    I asked for an estimate to a paintless dent removal, and they said they cannot fix it without repainting.
    So now I believe the repaint is a must (and I knew it since there were some paint fall off anyways)
    I prefer not to bring this to porsche dealer repair, since my colour is the basic pure white
    (and I don't want to replace my tailgate for this since I'm not planning to use my insurance coverage for this)

    can you provide me some estimate on repair for this deep dent and repaint with original colour

    pictures included in below post.
    0-100 ·
    Hey Bull_Market,

    How r u? This is joseph (0-100) from the Macanforum (2016 Silver Macan S), At the moment I’m looking for some winter shoes for my baby, I had notice your post that you had the amazing 18” winter rims & tires, with the amazing price from premium tire. http://www.macanforum.com/forum/eastern-canada/23241-winter-tires-rims-canada-11.html

    May I ask who u deal with there, do you think they have a similar package this year? Or should I just suck it up and get the 5 spokes from Pfaff at $3195? Any input would be most appreciated.
    Porsche Macan Winter Tire Packages | PFAFF

    Happy cruising!

    Joseph Chan
    [email protected]
    Jvcrew ·
    Hello, regarding your Macan painted calipers. I was wondering if you can give me an idea on cost, type of paint and where I can buy the Porsche logo? Thank you
    Macan2016 ·

    I've yet to get to Toronto to see your Macan & mine closed for changes.

    As I was working with our marketing team on some imagery for the YouTube App video, I had mistakenly used your car - and I just caught it before it was released today. LOL I removed it and I ended up slipping in a GT3 from Porsche's images.


    Anyhow, have a look at our App, because you're exactly the type of person who it would be ideal for. Someone who likes to keep info on their "things" - and maybe track notes on what happens over the life of the Item.

    It's free.

    If you like the video, try the App - it's totally free, no ads, no up-charges, nothing hidden to buy. We've been doing this for large enterprises for a few decades and thought we would have fun building something personal. And, as it turned out, its a very cool App that now has users in 8 countries.

    If you can spread the word and maybe give it a test, that would be great.

    Macan2016 ·
    Hi Bull.

    I am from Ottawa - building something similar to your own. I travel to the GTA about once a month, headed there in a few weeks. Any chance I could chase you down to see the look of the painted grey areas? My interior is not red, not sure what colour you chose.
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