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Default First long trip in the Macan Trubo

First long trip in my 2016 Macan Turbo delivered in November. The starting odometer for the trip was 750 miles and we travelled 3,500 miles over 2 weeks. The trip took us from Ann Arbor, MI down through St. Louis, Dallas and finally to Port Aranasas, TX on the Gulf of Mexico for the Christmas holiday. On the way back, we visited New Orleans, Atlanta, up through the Appalachians including the Tail of the Dragon, Dayton, OH and then home. Took the trip with my teenage daughter who is not yet at driving age but she completely mastered all the electronics in the car.

Overall Thoughts on the Macan
Itís a great car overall Ė very comfortable for two on a long road trip. The car performed great and I had no trouble with it at all. The ride was pretty quiet (I do have the noise insulating privacy glass). Storage capacity was more limited than the SUV I used to drive and the trunk quickly filled up with luggage and a few things ended up in the back seat. Itís perfect for a road trip for 2 people but might get tight with more than that if you have a bunch of gear.

Fuel Economy
Most of the trip, averaged around 20-22 m.p.g. If I was driving more aggressively, the number was number was 19-20. Other areas where the cruise control was on and set to close to the speed limit, I saw more in the 22-24 range. I purchased 93 octane fuel exclusively.
The auto shutoff technology is OK and works in most cases. Itís nice for traffic lights to save a little gas but not so much for stop signs where it seems the car shuts off just as you are needing to creep forward another car length. Itís nice that itís a quick button push to shut it off.
While the mileage isnít terrible for the performance capabilities of this car, if mileage is important to you, you probably shouldnít be driving a Porsche.

18-way Power Seats
Super comfortable. Some of our days were 9+ hours of driving and there was very little fatigue from sitting that long. The heated seats (and steering wheel) are awesome to have in cold weather climates. We didnít try the ventilated seats on this trip but I tried them when I test drove a Macan last summer and they were great. I canít speak to the 14-way or 8-way seats offered in the configurator as Iíve never tried them.

Driver Assist Technologies
Lane Keep Assist (LKA) Ė I actually like this in most situations. It does remind you to signal when changing lanes and it does a reasonable job of keeping you in your lane. It does get fooled pretty easily if the road markings arenít clean (e.g. construction sites) and also sometimes gets fooled in the concrete expansion lines go across the driving lanes. I found myself either disabling it in these situations or making sure I had a good grip of the steering wheel to overpower the system.

Lane Change Assist (LCA)
I really like this as the sight lines on the Macan arenít the best. I found myself using this a lot as a double check when changing lanes.

Adaptive Cruise Control
I added the adaptive cruise control late in my build and I recommend it if you are doing long trips. ACC works via radar where you set the desired speed but it adjusts automatically if the radar senses slower traffic ahead. The system is a little too aggressive at times and hits the brakes when normally one would just let off the accelerator but overall, it does give your left foot a break and keeps a safe distance. Itís good for light to normal traffic on the freeway but I wouldnít use it in heavy traffic as it will slam on the brakes as cars cut in front of you.

Phone holder
While not part of the Macan, I used the Kenu Airframe Plus for my phone holder. Itís the one that clips on to your air vents. Itís not super stable but I found if I put it on the left side vent and leaned the phone against the dash, it worked out pretty well. The challenge was stretching the power cord to the center console where the power is. I did try it on the right side vent too but the steering wheel blocked a lot of the screen.

Avoiding Tickets
I was very impressed at how stable and smooth the Macan is at higher speeds. The power makes it so easy to pass cars and tackle hills at any speed. Down in more remote areas of Texas and Oklahoma, the speed limits are as high as 85 m.p.h. which brings a smile to my face.
I did not use a radar detector or any kind of jamming device. I was tempted to pick up a radar detector at the start of the trip but didnít and it worked out OK not to have one. I drove consistently 10-15 mph above the speed limit but tried to stay close to other cars. A few times where there was no traffic in sight, I had the Macan up to 110 mph which is a lot of fun.

Waze is your Friend
I had Waze up on my cell phone the whole trip which worked out well. It was remarkable accurate at finding where the police were set up with speed traps. It saved me more than once on this trip. There was one stretch in Oklahoma where a Camero and I were travelling in a pair in triple figure range and I saw a speed trap on Waze ahead and backed off. The Camero did not and the cop got him and pulled him over. I smiled as I drove past him.
There are a lot of false alarms on Waze were the police were but arenít anymore. Thatís OK Ė I was pretty happy at how accurate it was.

Car color
The Macan is a fast car and IMHO, it seems like cars that are painted bright colors are more of a magnet for law enforcement. My Macan is agate grey and that color blends in with other vehicles nicely. It seems like cars that are bright red or other colors that stand out are more likely to get targeted. I donít have any proof of that Ė just a hunch.

A lot of words have already been written on the PCM and overall, it isnít too bad but could be a lot better. I know that ďPorsche doesnít do fancy electronicsĒ but Iím sure they are in tune to the fact that the future buyers of their cars more and more have grown up with electronics and will expect them.

The screen is too small overall and needs to be considerably larger. I donít know that it needs to be the size that Tesla uses but something larger would help. The navigation works fairly well but itís not as sophisticated as Google Maps or a Garmin unit. I would love to see something like Google Maps integrated with Waze built in. It would be so cool to be able to tell the system to find the nearest Starbucks that is currently open and then have it guide you there.

I let my teenage daughter control the music which meant we listened to a ton of XM Radio Disney (ugh!). The Bose system sounds pretty good to me (Iím not an audiophile) and Iím glad I didnít spend the extra $$ on the Burmeister although I certainly donít fault others that decide to go with the higher option.

The Sirus XM satellite trial is nice for a long trips like this but I doubt I will continue it when it expires. It seems like so much of it is pre-recorded and played over and over again. It seems like we heard the ďTop 50 of 2015Ē on Radio Disney about 10 times during the trip.

Fun Road to Try
If youíre able, the Tail of the Dragon( between North Carolina and Tennessee is a fun stretch of road to drive. It has 300+ curves in it in 11 miles. A lot of the roads leading up to the Tail are also fun in the Macan. Definitely had sport mode turned on.
Iíve ready that the Tail of the Dragon can be congested during the summer months and especially on the weekends as itís popular for sports cars and motor cycles. However, 10am on a Sunday in January Ė we pretty much had it to ourselves.

Really not many complaints about the car at all. As mentioned earlier, a larger screen on the PCM would be nice. The only other complaint are the sun blinds. Theyíre pretty small and donít extend when you slide them over to the side window. Many other cars have a slide out that can be used to extend them.

Overall, Iím glad I picked the Macan. This is my first Porsche and Iím very happy with it so far. I look forward to many more miles.
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Great review, thanks for this. I get my '16 in 10 days and can't wait. Later this summer we are traveling through the Rockies to Vancouver Island where I can't wait to try all the twisties.

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Great write up Scott thank you. Glad you guys had a good trip.
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Great review! Made me smile!
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Great write-up. Thanks for sharing.

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Hey Scott, looks like you have Pirelli Scorpion All-Seasons? How do you like them?

'15 White S, Std Agate, Dk walnut, 18 way, RS Spyder w/ AS tires, A/S w/ PASM, PP+, Infotain, Body color side blades, LCA, 3-zone, Bose, Comfort lghtg, Hi gloss black, roof rails, smoking pckg (Wife's dd)

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Originally Posted by Hokie View Post
Hey Scott, looks like you have Pirelli Scorpion All-Seasons? How do you like them?

Yes Yes--please advise. I just finished a 1500 mile trip into the mountains of New Mexico and through west Texas during the snow. Your write up was very accurate imho--my tires that came with the car gotta go.. Dry and wet they are great but snow not so much.
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Nice review - thanks for sharing.

Everytime I see a Agate Macan with RS Spyders I get jealous that I don't have mine yet (although I had to change to Volcano Gray).
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Great trip and review of your Turbo. I just passed 10k on my S and it's been great. The dealer gave me a 2016 S for a loaner that cost nearly 10k more than mine but has all fluff and no performance options. It was nice to get back in my PASM equipped S and drop it into sport plus in a hairpin curve.
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The Pirelli tires have been fine so far but I haven't tried them yet in any significant snow. It's been a mild winter so far.
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