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Default 2600 Miles Later - Road trip review

At the Grand Canyon 7000ft above sea level. I must say, my car pales in comparison to nature /sadface

After getting the car delivered a week before Christmas, my girlfriend and I took it on quite a road trip. We left the bay area and headed for Vegas on the 24th, went Zion in Utah, Antelope and Grand Canyon in Arizona, then circling back to San Diego and LA. Google maps said it would be a 2000 mile trip; I left home with 480 miles on the car, and came back with 3100 and change.

Most of my friends thought I was nuts to take a brand new car on a road trip like this, let alone in a Porsche. But for me, the whole concept of an automobile, is enabling humans to travel ever further distances, while within the comfort and security of an enclosed, personal space. I remember watching an documentary on Henry Ford, and people were simply blown away when the Model T was first introduced. You gotta remember, before its introduction, most people spent their entire lives well within their immediate vicinity. Hard thing to imagine and relate to in 2015.

On the road to sin city

So without question, the first thing I wanted to do with my car is to actually drive the crap out of it. Given it’s a performance SUV, I thought the best way to put it to good use is a road trip into the wild. Below are some of my thoughts on the car, and photos from the trip, hope you guys would get a kick out of it! (I would’ve finished this earlier, but ended up spending the last two days trolling the forum regarding the detrimental side effects of sunroof and rails)

Somewhere in arizona, more *off roading* than you will ever do!

The most amazing thing about this car by far, is that it’s such an all rounder. The perfect performer for every show. One minute I’m driving it on winding mountain roads, next I’m trying to climb some steep hills half covered in snow and ice. On that same day, we would be on dirt trials filled with sand, yet after hours and hours of highway driving, we are back in the city to be stuck in endless traffic.

In Zion

Not only it did ALL that without a hiccup, it did it in style. Besides being a looker visually, every once a while I would turn on sports mode and just floor it. The sound and acceleration is intoxicating, to the say least, reminding me while it can do all of the above, its also a Porsche.

Zion, it just snowed the day before

Recalling from a review I came across while waiting for delivery, it talks about a certain feeling you have knowing that your car can climb a mountain, cross some dirt roads, and still go through a corner at speeds that would have most sport sedans spin out of control. Well, I was lucky to actually experience that feeling, as i was doing those exact things with my Macan.

The Grand Canyon, with my favorite part of the car, the ass!

The ride itself is excellent. Like many others have stated, the car feels extremely solid, almost felt like driving a tank. No wobbles, no creaks, just an extremely grounded feeling, no matter what speed you are going at. On the long highway drives, we were constantly hitting 90 and 100 without even noticing it.

Ummm, no sure where i was, but who cares, it looks awesome!

For me, the experience of a car should be a complete package. Everything from the solidity of the cabin, to the sound of its doors closing; from the visual looks, to its functional capabilities; from the acceleration, to the exhaust notes; all these should tell one consistent story in terms of experience for the driver. I’m glad to say the Macan does it very well in all these aspects, topping my previous 09 BMW 335 by a long run.

One thing i would like to point out specifically is how fantastic car sounds. Now, there’s a HUGE difference with sports exhaust on and off, especially during acceleration. The car starts roaring (literally) the minute you step on it, and gets almost too loud for my taste at 5000+. When its switched off, there’s no comparison. During low speed or even parked, turning on the exhaust gives the car a slightly deeper bass sound, but man does it start to sing at 2000+ rpms

In terms of MPG, Im averaging around 21-23 on the highway, which is rather disappointing. I managed to get 27 one day for some reason, but never hit a number that high again.

Got a full chrome plate holder from amazon, to match with the other chrome parts of my car (exhaust, rims, rails, and trim)

The trunk space is a little more than enough for two people's luggage on the ten day trip. We could cram in maybe 2 more duffle bags, but that’s including 2 packs of water as well. I would imagine it to be more than enough for everyday scenarios, and should be good even if we had 1 more person + luggage.

Ok, do people even read these tiny texts??

The car made the trip THAT much more fun. Doesn’t matter the situation or the environment, the Macan was something I could trust and rely on. Whether its after a 7 hour hike in Zion, and we just needed a place to relax and enjoy a comfort ride back to the hotel; or driving on the icy canyon roads 6 am in pitch black; or going through corners at ridiculous speeds, but still feels like its a go cart on rails; this is the car that will take whatever I can throw at it, and reassure me it will get me from point A to point B, without ever having a dull moment.

Outside of Zion

Of course, having people turn their heads in awe at many places definitely helped too ;-) I mean, a lot of the places we traveled to were literally middle of nowhere; probably the last place people would expect to see a brand new Porsche.

This was one of my most memorable moments from the trip, taken right after we drove out of the winding canyon roads at Zion. It was 7 or 8 in the morning, the sun was just coming out, and there was literally just grass, sky, and an empty road that stretches as far I could see.

Looking back to the other car options I have considered back in August (mainly sport sedans), I don’t think i could’ve have done the trip with any of the them, while still having so much fun just… driving.

Anyways, that was me giving back to this awesome forum, hope you guys enjoyed the read!
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Very nice review and summary.

So what is the detrimental side effects of sunroof and rails?
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Great post!

I recall you debating the SDP and which sideblades to get. Are you happy with the SDP and standard blades now that you have the car?
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Envyous !!!
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Fantastic review. Car looks great. I think my favourite part is the butt too.

Looks like one **** of a roadtrip!

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@Owerr - loved this. Great pics, especially of one of my favourite places on earth - Zion. Have been there 3 times all the way from OZ Did you do the Observation Point or Angels Landing? They were a definite highlight for me.

Thanks again for the report!
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Awesome pics! Great read! Including the small prints... lol. And yup.... PSE is even more music to the ears! I also agree the Macan's rear is the favorite view... like on my avatar.
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Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, and more importantly, some AMAZING photos!

Am I correct in guessing that you didn't use a polarising filter for these photos?

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epic journey !
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Excellent pictures and narrative. Thanks for sharing!
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