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Question Help with the build - Am I buying things I don't need and not getting things I do?


First time poster, I'm pretty close to placing an order for a 2020 Macan and I wanted to get your take on couple of things.

1) Am I buying things I don't need and leaving things on the table that I might need. I know this is subjective and some people might use some features more than others but I'm hoping to see some patterns in replies where if majority your replies say, I have this thing but I almost never use it or if I could go back, I wont spend money one this.
2) What do you not see in my configuration below that should be part of the list?
3) Am I getting a good deal on the configuration below.

FYI - I'm from Washington state.

95BBH1 Macan S 59,400.00 USD
2T Jet Black Metallic 700.00 USD
VU Leather Package in Black/Garnet Red 1,960.00 USD
1BK Adaptive Air Suspension incl. PASM 2,750.00 USD
2ZF Heated Multifunction GT Sport Steering Wheel in Alcantara® 1,190.00 USD
48W 21" Sport Classic Wheels in Exterior Color 4,200.00 USD
4GR Heated Windshield 450.00 USD
7Y3 Lane Keep Assist (LKA) i.c.w. Lane Change Assist (LCA) 1,380.00 USD
8A4 ParkAssist (Front and Rear) incl. Surround View 1,200.00 USD
8T3 Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) 1,170.00 USD
N1B Preparation Two-Tone Leather Interior i.c.w. Seat Ventilatio 0.00 USD
QJ4 Window Trim in High Gloss Black 240.00 USD
UX7 Tire Valve in Black 0.00 USD
VW6 Thermally & Noise Insulated Glass 990.00 USD
Z1S Included First Scheduled Maintenance 0.00 USD
PF2 Premium Package Plus 6,230.00 USD
Auto-Dimming Mirrors 0.00 USD
Porsche Entry & Drive 0.00 USD
Seat Ventilation (Front) 0.00 USD
Panoramic Roof System 0.00 USD
Seat Heating (Front and Rear) 0.00 USD
Apple CarPlay® incl. Siri® 0.00 USD
9VL BOSE® Surround Sound System Content of package PF2 0.00 USD
Q2J Power Seats (14-way) with Memory Package Content of package PF2 0.00 USD
8JU LED-Matrix Design Headlights in Black incl. PDLS+ Upgrade of package PF2 520.00 USD

MSRP of $83,630
Sales price of $81,030

Thanks and looking forward to your replies.
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With the exception of the 14 way seats (much prefer 18 way) you made a beautiful build . The only problem is that an 83K Macan S is nearly in GTS and Turbo price territory . You will NEVER see that money again spent on things like the 1900 steering wheel . It is money either spent on personal enjoyment or simply put .. thrown away . Part of the problem is everything on a Macan S is a la carte . It's even worse on a base . Those same 4K wheels will cost half when a Turbo is released . The higher the trim the less a la carte options cost proportionally. It's for that reason that I have always detested the Macan S . I never detested the car itself . I do detest the options price .

I don't want to say shave it down 10 grand but realistically that is where a Macan S ought to cost within typical lot car parameters . It does bother me to see an 83K Macan S but it is no doubt a beautiful build !!! If you love it .. then do it (especially if its a first Porsche ). Just be aware that on exit you will feel the impact on wholesale value.
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Could you please post your build code - it will be easier to play with it.
Looks like you are getting only 3% discount while there lots of posts of 6-8% discounts.
IMHO, you should shop around more.

Very nice build!
Things I'd question -
1. Did you test drive 14-way VS 18-way seats?
2. Steering wheel in Alcantara
3. Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
4. VW6 Thermally & Noise Insulated Glass 990.00 USD
5. You may want to remove model designation - IMHO, it looks better without it.
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I like your build too!

The one thing I would question is the steering wheel, and make sure you check out the 18 ways if you have not already.

I think a lot of it depends on how long you think you will keep the car. If you flip cars every 2 or 3 years, you will pay dearly for the depreciation on some of the options. But I say if you will keep the car 5 years or more, get exactly what you want and don’t look back.

I think the 21 inch wheels make the look of the car but no question they are not cheap.

And I also think another $2000-$3000 off the price should be achievable.
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Lane change assist came on my car. It is annoying. It might be useful if you drive a lot on the Interstate.

You might consider 20" wheels and tires. They hold the road quite well. They are cheaper. They fill up the wheel well. The ride will be a little better.

2018 Porsche Macan Sport Edition Black
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I would never say what you don't need, only you can make that call. Looks like you would love the GTS if it was available.

As for what may be missing , I would add the tow pkg as I need my SUV's to be able to tow a trailer and hold a bike rack.
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Originally Posted by gfspencer View Post

Lane change assist came on my car. It is annoying. It might be useful if you drive a lot on the Interstate.
How is LCA (Lane Change Assist) annoying? It only lights up LEDs on the outside mirrors when a vehicle comes up close in the adjacent lane.

Now LKA (Lane Keep Assist) vibrates the steering wheel when you drift too close to the painted lines on the roads and attempts to self-correct...THAT would be annoying.

Both systems though can be turned off.
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2018 Macan GTS - Agate Grey, PTV+, Sport Chrono Pkg., LED Headlights, Std. Black Leather Pkg., Premium Pkg. Plus, LCA, Adaptive Sport 18-Way Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Black Brushed Aluminum Pkg., Porsche Connect, Smoking Pkg., Black Roof Rails, Trailer Hitch, CravenSpeed Platypus License Plate Mount, Window Switch Trim, 35% Tint on Front Windows, Standard PPF
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Very nice build, but with so many options, you should be getting a better discount. I just ordered my 2020 Macan S with 4% discount without any negotiation.

Looks like you like the blackout look of the car, then you may want to add the black sport tail pipe and clear tail to match your black S.
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Welcome, macanf. I sympathize with you in trying to decide what to get and not to get on your Macan-S. I've just gone this for the 2019 Macan-S that I have ordered (PKBDYYR6). If I could make a couple of changes in my configuration, I would have but can't as it has not been produced and is waiting at the Port of Emden to be shipped to California. Here are my suggestions:
1. keep PASM but you need to test drive cars with Adaptive Air. I decided not to get it.
2. a big NO on the Alcantara steering wheel. Stick with genuine leather. Alcantara is reported to wear very poorly.
3. 21" wheels will give you the roughest ride but are the most responsive. I went with the 20" wheel, which I felt is a sweet spot between ride and responsiveness.
4. I debated about getting the Park Assist with surround view. Decided the regular Park Assist was more than adequate.
5. Not sold on Adaptive Cruise control. Maybe I'm missing out on something great, but hesitated giving up control of the car to it.
6. No Sport Chrono package?
7. Consider getting Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus PTV+ if you do a lot of driving in rain or snow, which certain areas of Washington definitely have.
8. The one thing I wish I had ordered is the LCA Lane Change Assist. Pretty unobtrusive and supplies a gentle reminder that someone is passing on your left.
9. Consider getting roof rails if you do biking (I do).
The cost of the options do add up quickly. We're in the same ballpark dollarwise, but have spent the money a bit differently. Sure it's expensive, but I plan on keeping the car for 7-10 years and want to enjoy it. Let us know what you decide.
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Like you, I also built a $84,000 Macan S (PK1G5KW5). Porsche MRM for 2020 S is about $75,000, so I guess I overdid it by $9,000. However I also got a 8% of MSRP. In the end I used the discount to justify my decision.
I initially wanted 18-way seat, but I ordered 14-way seat because of the following statement regarding the 18-way seat from Porsche.

Note: The rear seats are also designed as sport seats (seam pattern, elevated side bolsters). With rear seats folded flat, elevated side bolsters create a 15º slope relative to the luggage compartment floor.
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