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Originally Posted by gfspencer View Post
When I was stationed in Germany I had a 5 series BMW and the roads were not so crowded. I could drive from Hanau to Berchtesgaden (335 miles) in four hours with a bathroom/fuel break.

I've been 145 miles per hour on a BMW motorcycle on the A8 south of Munich. It was a Sunday morning with not much traffic.

It is a little harder to do stuff like that now because the Autobahn is more crowded and you are likely to run into a "stau" (traffic jam).

I miss Germany.

I live in TX... we have some seriously wide and flat stretches of highway... I tipped 172 mph once on my R1 (motorcycle), but I figure the speedo error put me more like 165ish. That was fast enough for me for quite awhile. On a track is one thing; on open highway is another.

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