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Default Loaner - 2019 Base Cayenne

Brought my Macan in due to a suspected faulty MAS and for a brake service, and since it is approaching 3-1/2 years old, to get it CPO inspected for Extended Warranty. So, Porsche gave me a brand new base Cayenne with just 20km on the Odometer as a loaner. It is a baser than base vehicle, so can't comment on the aesthetics or comfort features; it doesn't even have memory seats.

There have been some comments from various Porsche Sales Representatives that the new Cayenne now drives more like a Macan. The interesting thing for me is that in a straight line, it still feels big and heavy, but I was pleasantly surprised when I threw it into a corner, it did feel a lot more agile than the old Cayenne. The power-to-weight and torque-to-weight ratios sit squarely in between the new Macan and new Macan S, so are the 0-100km/h and 0-160km/h numbers. Definitely feels more peppy than the old base Cayenne; and the fuel economy is seemly better than the old Cayenne. The 8 speed gearbox was also very smooth. Good on Porsche.

Clean windows is extremely important to me, especially driving here in the winter with all the salt being thrown up by all the cars around. The front washers produce a fan shaped spray which works way better than the Macan's. The rear waster sprays are an absolute piece of crap; two little sprays that spray to the corner of the window!

I really like the way the new shift lever works; push to gear down and pull to gear up. However the function of the shift lever is completely new which needs getting used to which at the same time I don't like; for me it borders nearly as bad as the MB GLE43's that I also had as a loaner for a couple of weeks. But I'm older and don't like change from the traditional; so I'll put that on me.

The new big PCM screen is really nice, but too many functions have been put on it that used to be a single touch through the 'fighter jet' buttons of the older models. For example, one too many key strokes to turn off the Auto-Off function; and there are only two key strokes to do that. Since the fighter jet sea of buttons is now missing, that brings me to the new glass touch buttons; I absolutely hate them. It is so flat and feel like a rocking sheet of glass when depressed that gives the impression that no effort was put into the design and makes it look and feel cheap. Even the button panel on the doors for the window and mirror functions is flat and cheap looking and feeling. The worst part of the cheap buttons is the new headlight controls.

The deal breaker for me is the new dashboard. The right 4/5 is very nice, but the last left gauge only displays the outside temperature. Initially I thought it is because this is a baser-than-base Cayenne and therefore did not have additional functions which is the case; but I did some googling for user manuals and other other pictures and videos of the new Cayenne, and what I gather is that the other potential functions of the left gauge is (quoting the Porsche video) "Up to 3 road signs and the outside temperature". OMG, what a waste of valuable space which makes the whole otherwise beautiful dash ugly and non-sporty. Because of this, I tried looking up the pictures and videos of the 992, and every one only shows a digital clock and outside temperature. Hopefully someone can set me right and educate me on more functions for the left-most gauge.

Just my opinion.

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