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Originally Posted by RollingHillsofDan View Post
I've been staying in a few hotels/motels lately to be with a family member who is about to enter a clinical trial. as usual, I peruse the supply carts that the housekeepers have stationed in the hallways in the morning. More often than not, I palm a few shampoos and bar soaps. Is this stealing or dishonesty? If it's either of these, should I offer to compensate these establishments for the pilfered merchandise or should I be made to clean an entire hallway's worth of rooms as penance? If others have committed such thievery over the years, perhaps we should organize a "Pilferers Anonymous" group and clean an entire hotel/motel, give the staff the day off and pay them for their time plus a healthy tip...This reminds me of the time that I went to hear Buckminster Fuller speak. A man of many talents and a large worldview, Bucky invented the geodesic dome and the Dymaxion, that wonderful teardrop-shaped automobile, which I saw many years in Reno, Nevada, at Harrah's Automobile Collection. He spoke more about living right than he did about his accomplishments. One of the things that he spoke about was that when he used a public bathroom, he always left it cleaner than when he came in. I've embraced that behavior ever since, and that was around 1971. In the last week, I rode Amtrak twice and visited several bathrooms in world-renowned hospitals. Every time, there was paper trash on the floors and in the sinks and "liquids" on the floors, and every time I took a minute or 2 and tidied up these messes. As Bucky said, wouldn't you rather walk into a restroom that was clean than one that was not?
You’re stealing.

The rest of your message is somehow akin to asking for permission for your theft due to some unrelated good deed you do elsewhere. Not good.

Imagine if Bill Cosby tried to distract from his patterns of abusing women by pointing out that he donated millions to charities for children? Not good.
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