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Originally Posted by Duhdang View Post

I am located in Canada and will only have the S and Turbo for sale.
Would it be smart to wait for the Diesel S model or just go ahead with the gas model.

If I order the S it will be a 3 month wait.

btw gas is $1.50 per liter currently and same with diesel
I was also seriously considering the Diesel before I pulled the trigger on the S at the beginning of April. Glad I did as I now have a build date for July.

One of the issues was the indeterminate date for the Diesel release in Canada. I called Porsche and they were unable to tell me when we would be getting them. I even Emailed Lesley Wimbush, one of the Canadian journalists that did the drive in Leipzig reporting that we would be getting the Diesel, and Lesley got back to me on April 1st with: Porsche isn't ready to confirm any dates for the diesel at all.
In fact, Porsche Canada was a bit surprised that the engineers in Leipzig confirmed that we will indeed be getting one, as they had been told it had yet to be confirmed....Yes, I talked to Porsche Canada - they don't know anymore than we do. Not that they're prepared to tell, anyway.
There was no diesel at the launch, just the two gas engines, and I don't know which size will come here. I would assume it would be the 6, since that's what Europe is getting, and we already have it here in the Cayenne.

I then started to do a bit of research on costs, etc. A trusted technician that I spoke with said that though fuel costs can be less, maintenance balances it out for the most part. Costs a bit more to service.
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