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11 years owning Jaguars, zero oil seepage

2 years owning Audi, zero oil seepage

6 months owning Macan S diesel, zero oil seepage

3 months owning Macan Turbo, zero oil seepage.

10 years owning six different non Harley motorcycles, zero oil seepage.
Only zero oil seepage is the norm and hence acceptable
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If this were my car, I'd be insisting it be resolved. No way would I accept oil leaking on my garage floor from a brand new Porsche.
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Here I am.
Macan Turbo MY17, May delivery, today's 6000 km.
In July, oil leak of the gearbox, replacing the sump gasket.
Yesterday, new oil leak of the gearbox, the car is in the workshop and will have to dismantle everything to understand where originates the loss.
Porsche quality? Zero, in my experience.
Also, my turbo consumes one liter of oil every 7,000 kilometers.
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I had this exact problem with my 2017 Macan S. The valve cover gasket was leaking and left a small mess on my garage floor. Porsche covered the work under warranty. The dealer told me that Porsche Corporate asked for the original gasket to be sent to Germany for analysis.
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For Porsche, "seepage" became an addressable condition with the 2006 GT3-RS. That reference even made it into the Owner's Manual. Owners were advised to drive their cars daily in order to keep pressure onto the seals and limit seepage. That became a huge issue with at least a couple of owners.

Of course, this does not necessarily apply to Macan engines -- but the problem is not new in itself. After all, ask me or friends about any of our early 911s...

So, for entertainment, this is a quote from a letter to an owner ---

"Please be advised that GT3 engines have a design which is unique from other 911's because of it's exposure to very high
RPM's. The rear main seal of these engines is held tight by a vacuum created inside the engine block. If the vehicle is not
used for prolonged periods of time this vacuum pressure may decrease allowing a small amount of oil to seep past the
seal. Due to this special design, oil seepage can occur in GT3 vehicles that are not driven on a regular basis.

Your warranty manual indicates that your responsibility for normal vehicle use is for your vehicle to be driven daily over
a distance of several miles. Your vehicle was designed with the assumption that it would be used within these guidelines.
If it is not, you may experience some oil seepage; however, this is not a defect in the vehicle but simply a result of lack of

Please just laugh and don't start a new round of angry flaming...

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From what I've read and experienced (I've built several engines myself) is that a small amount of oil consumption is good. You want a little oil to lube the rings/cylinder walls. So something like a quart between oil changes (10k miles) is no problem. Leaking or seeping gaskets are another matter. I don't view that as normal on a new car.
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