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Default In process of purchasing

Hi, currently in the process of either purchasing a new S or perhaps a used GTS/turbo. Looking forward to learning a bunch from this forum
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Welcome to the forum.

What I found very helpful in learning was to go back to read a few months of old posts.

Focus on the things that you're most interested in. I started by going backwards in "Ordering and Features Questions". When I was interested in pros/cons of tire sizes I then went backwards in "Wheels, Tires, and Suspension".

There are also a number of good sticky posts. E.g. since you're considering a GTS, in the Ordering forum there is a sticky post titled: "THIS is what makes the GTS different..."

I haven't had much luck with the forum's built-in search capability. But I had good luck using Google and prefixing my search to restrict it to MacanForum. Here's what you type into a Google search box:
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Following is general advice, but it will list in one location for you a fair amount of information on extras, but do note that the GTS and Turbo models do include some of the listed extras as standard fitment.
What options to specify in your car?

It can be very daunting as the options available are considerable in their numbers. The variant base car which you are considering may be fitted with some of the following as standard, that said the following (with my reasons why) are the fitments that I would suggest will provide a comfortable, great handling, and very desirable car.

14/18 way seats,
Gives you the best range of adjustments, in particular you get the memory function, squab length adjustment and adjustable lumber support, none of these do you do not get with the 8 way. Do note that the 18 way squab and seat back bolsters can be intrusive by giving a very snug fit and entry and egress can be a little restricted, so please check this out yourself. Test drive cars with both and decide which is best for your needs, it maybe that the standard 8 way are comfortable for you but please do not spec unless you have test driven a Macan with them, and it may well be that you may have difficulty finding a demo car with them as they do not seem to be a popular fitment.

Gives adjustable suspension and even on standard 18" wheels. PASM will enhance the ride comfort and in Sport modes you should find that it will offer better handling than standard suspension. 20 and 21 inch wheels will benefit from greater ride comfort with PASM unless you like a very firm ride such as a BMW with M suspension and on run flats tyres.

Reverse Cam.
The rear and rear quarter vision is very limited hence a reversing camera is a significant aide to include. If in doubt then do test out this statement during any test drive by reversing the Macan into a car park bay and also try to parallel park one. Surround Cam is better than the cheaper RevCam but again the advice would be to check out both yourself by test drives.

Xenons or LEDs
The standard halogen lights are adequate but just adequate, many buyers who have not upgraded the lights to at least Xenons regret not doing so. I find LEDs to be the best of any car I have driven so please check them out yourself if the budget allows, otherwise do include at least Xenons

Interior light package,
An odd one but it does enhance the interior considerably and gives LEDs and illuminated mirrors.

Lightens the steering load at parking speeds and progressively reduces to zero assistance at town speeds. Can be retro fitted by dealer as it s a software upgrade.

Spare wheel.
Include and buy a couple of cans of sealant/inflator to give you options, as one who was once stuck with a flat an empty can and a still leaking tyre I am an advocate of having a spare. The Macan will have Porsche Assist/Recovery and they can change the flat tyre for the spare if needed. I am aware of one Macan owner being off the road for 5 days waiting for a tyre to be replaced, at least with a spare you can continue to use the car

Most cars in the Macan price bracket have it but it was not standard in most Macan's until mid 2017 so please bear this in mind if buying a used Macan.

It is a fair amount but it does give enhancements to the PCM in regards to online services in particular live traffic updates which in the UK are better than the RDS service, became standard mid 2017, so again bear this in mind if considering a pre owned Macan.

75 litre fuel tank
It is standard on certain variants but a zero cost option on others.


Pano roof
Lightens up a dark interior

Full leather, seating
If not included with the upgrade to 14/18 way seats

Privacy glass
Gives the car the stealth look that many find enhances the visual appeal of the car

Seat heating
Highly desirable if you live/use the car in colder regions

Steering wheel heating (one of my own favourite extras that I would always include)
Highly desirable if you live/use the car in colder regions

20" wheels
Gives a visually improved look to the car with minimal impact on the handling

Sports chrono
As well as dash clock this option gives an enhanced engine and gearbox map a step up from Sport mode to Sport+, also includes Launch Control. Can be retro fitted but without top dash clock, do confirm with SE that this is the case if you plan on having it fitted after collection.

Roof bars
Its an SUV/Crossover as such the roof bars can be seen to enhance the look with the benefit of being useful for load transportation

SD Mirrors
Standard mirrors are supported by a base whose material is a little questionable, please check out both yourself.

Provides a variable cruise control dependent upon traffic flow, it also includes the PAS function.

......... the options list goes on but the above highlighted extras are a possible starter config for you to develop.

The above would be my own personal inclusions in any Macan that I would buy and they are based on owning two differently specified Macans.
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Macan 1 S diesel, spec scimilar to Turbo
Macan 2 Turbo, Air, PASM, 14 way, SC, PS+, Spyders, Surround Cam, LEDs, Met Black, Garnet, Pano, Privacy Glass, ACC, Alloy PDK, SD mirrors, Interior light and storage packs.
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