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Default Sport Plus - Why it is essential

Okay, so now I got the opportunity to evaluate the differences between Sport and Sport Plus more thoroughly now when I can open up the car to its full potential after the running in period is over. Yay!

Executive summary: Don't have Sport Plus factory installed? Retrofit it. Just do it! It is that good.

Taking all the damper differencies aside I tested Sport mode and Sport Plus mode in the stiffest damper setting. E.g. had the PASM in sport plus on both occassions. This to make the comparison fair.

Sport Mode compared to Normal mode (but still running dampers in sportiest setting):
-There is a slightly better throttle respons and turbo lag is reduced
-PSE opens up a bit more and sounds a bit sportier
-Steering feel a bit heavier, but just slightly.
-PDK gears. Quicker, but still very smooth while pushing full throttle and letting the automatic gear changes engage while going into redline area. Drivable even i automatic mode even if it can stick to a gear for too long when running in town.
-In manual mode switching gears with paddles, still very smooth both up and down but noticable quicker shifts than in comfort mode. Quite nice, but not overwhelming.

Sport Plus compared to Sport mode:
-WOW (overall feeling)
-Throttle respons! Turbo lag more or less eliminated. There is just such an instant feeling.
-PSE: Breath more freely, sounds sportier and louder. On gear changes it makes sort of a "BAM" that is not present in the same way in Sport mode
-Steering: A notch more direct and a bit heavier than in Sport, but not a very big difference.
-PSM: It is really noticable when pushing it in corners. The rear can slide a bit, but still under controlled manners. It's like it got some of the 911 rear wheel DNA drive feeling. Don't understand how porsche have done that with 4-wheel drive and on a front engined SUV. But they cracked it - no it's not a 911, but it is very good. Also noticable difference of PSM intervention in Sport and Sport Plus. I could let the rear loose in Sport+, which I didn't in Sport.
-PDK gears: Here is the biggy. The gears are smashed in. The actual car litterally "jumps" forward when you engage the next gear. You can really feel it in your back. Especially when you push full throttle and the gear switches on red line in high rpm. The feeling is just awesome. And the car feels faster. I know it is not, but i'm talking about feeling here, not actual numbers. But if one can say that the 0.2 sec improvement from 0-100km/h, I can say that the feeling and emotions it creats are much more.
-PDK in manual mode: The car feels so sporty. Clear difference to Sport mode when you drive focused. It really transform the feeling and for me running PDK in manual mode with Sport Plus is how the car should be. This is what makes the Macan special and where the competitors are not even close.

Immedeately after having had some fun in Sport Plus for 10 minutes. I put it in Sport and re-run the same route. The difference is bigger than I thought it would be. It is still good in Sport, but when I drove in Sport Plus I was sweating a bit more and smiling a bit more

Everyone speaking about that Sport Chrono is not essential and just a gimmic. Please go out there and try a Macan with Sport Plus and run the PDK in MANUAL mode. What a joy! If you don't feel the difference, you're not driving the car hard enough - simple as that. One of the big errors is to put it in Sport Plus and run it in automatic. In this way it feels a bit "too much" since it keeps the gears for so long and it is more or less not drivable if your not on the track. But the combination of Sport Plus and manual gear changes. Wow! and in this mode you have full control and can change gears quickly if that is desired or if you just want to push it and be sporty for two seconds exiting a round about it is just so much fun to quickly pop down 2 gears from 4th to 2nd, push it, up until redline BAM, 3rd gear engaged. Then let off the throttle, pop it in 5th, relax for some minutes. Still running in manual mode. Then pop down 3 gears. Push it full throttle and go through the gears. So much fun!

For me, Sport Plus is a feature that open up the full potential with the Macan. You got a great car with Sport only, but it is just half way there to be honest. Why Porsche didn't equip all Macans with Sport Plus is for me a riddle. All my observations above are on my GTS, but assume the differences are similar on S/Turbo.

So tip of the day: Go out there and drive your macans in Sport+ in manual mode and USE all the sporty capabilities that you have purchased. And if you don't have it optioned. Call your dealer and book a time for retrofit.

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I agree that the GTS should come with sport+ as standard. It's such a boring car in normal mode. Sports mode should be its default setting. Pointless having a GTS without sports chrono.
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Another great write up, thanks @Luke !
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Yup. It's the 'Porsche Button'
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Absolutely !! I feel sport plus ought to be a standard feature on every PDK car. If ordering a car it's a must have .

PS. I want to add it to my GTS . I see they have it for the S and Turbo as part of Porsche's "personalization" . Will the car have launch control too if its added ? Has anyone compared back to back a factory installed sport chrono Vs an installed upgrade on an S or a Turbo ?
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Great insight and write up @Luke - I do feel vindicated for spec'ing this on my Macan GTS on order, thanks!

Macan GTS ordered
Porsche Code PH5UV1J4 Deposit paid 01/04
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Porsche should really change the "Sport plus" button to this ....

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great write up!!! agreed!!! Sport Plus is a must
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Thanks Luke !!!

As a performance enthusiast and much to the dismay of my SA, I flat out refused to even look at any lot vehicle or swap without SC.

In the end I ordered my GTS with both SC and PTV......knowing they were more than something deemed unnecessary by the SA as they would rather add a shiny skid plate and an Alcantara headliner for the Soccer Mom and Soccer Dad urban warriors.

Porsche is performance........why not take it to its limits ???

Great write-up.
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I, for one, wouldn't leave home without my Amex card or Sport Plus. As our friend @PygmyOctopus has said before and above, it's the Porsche Button. It turns the Macan from a sedate boulevard cruiser to a ripsnorting snarling beast. Kinda like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
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