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Default Rear spoiler opinions

Alright, so I've come to the conclusion that I don't care for the black roof spoiler on my GTS. To me, it looks like it gets lost a bit in the overall blackness of the back window and softens up the rear profile too much. Here’s what I’m talking about:

I’m going to look into having the spoiler painted in red to match the body, so it stands out more and provides a more defined profile and contrast to the rear window. But another thing that I’m contemplating… to me the OEM spoiler is very conservative in size & style, and I may even consider going with an aftermarket spoiler. I’ve done a little research on what’s available, here are some candidates that I’d consider:

Prior Designs – maybe slightly more aggressive than OEM

Speedart – Definitely more pronounced – I like it painted in body color

Next 3 (Mansory, TechArt, TopCar) – less desirable options

There are a few other spoiler options I found that I would not consider. To be honest, I find most of these and the other widebody kits out for the Macan to be hideous abominations, but I’m only looking at the rear roof spoiler.

So… soliciting opinions. Is there another spoiler option I missed that one of you likes? I suspect the popular response will be to keep the OEM spoiler and have it painted or stay with black. Thanks!

2017 Macan GTS Carmine Red
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Mike, there's been some discussion on this in the past.

I also don't care for the black spoiler unless it's on a black colored Macan. It's one of several reasons I wanted the Sport Design Package on my Turbo.

As I recall in the distant past at least a couple of forum members mentioned they had theirs painted to match the exterior color. Can't imagine it would cost a whole lot to have it done, and if I had bought a non black/non sport design car I was planning to do so too.

Never considered an aftermarket one, buy there are some interesting alternatives in your photos.

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i like the OEM painted, the black roof spoiler does get lost abit in the blackness of the black window
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I have not seen another aftermarket roof spoiler that I like better than the OEM one. The Prior Designs spoiler looks so close to OEM, that when I compared profile pictures of the Prior Design & OEM side-by-side, I could not see the difference. One question is whether Prior Designs would even sell it separately from the body package.

I'd be inclined to have the OEM roof spoiler painted body color. Low cost and low risk. Plus I think it would be a very nice upgrade. Here a link to some pictures of a 2015 Turbo in Impulse Red Metallic with a body colored spoiler. Looks great to me:

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@Mike Honcho First off love the combination on your car. I personally like the wheel combination versus black wheels regardless of style.

Regarding the spoiler IMHO I agree color matching the car looks better and would be another extra adding to the looks of your car. If there was one thing to look at in after market it would be nice to know if any of those other brands would improve the air flow to the rear window causing less dirt. If there is no change in the air pattern to help improve this than keeping the stock unit would not only save money but looks great as well.

My car is JBM and while one another Macan owner stated they just came in black with the 2015 S unless your ordered straight black my spoiler is definitely painted the same as the car, no sport package ordered. This may have been a fluke but I glad it matches.

Good luck in your decision!
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I think the Speedart one looks the best, but I would be just as pleased having the one on your Macan painted!
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I would have the OEM spoiler painted. If I do Agate on the next one, that gets priced with the build. I don't know why I dislike the black spoiler so much, but I do.
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Agree, Agree.....I plan to have the spoiler painted before delivery on our Cararra White GTS. That was the only thing that bothered me when I saw a Macan GTS parked beside a Cayenne GTS that does have the body colored spoiler.
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@Mike Honcho Interesting dilemma. I went through this when I ordered my Rhodium GTS and insisted that it come with a body coloured spoiler. Dealer of course advised this would not be possible without "Exclusive" approval and extra cost which no one could provide a figure for. I soldiered on through 6 configuration changes, all the while keeping the painted spoiler as a must have and waiting for approval. While all of this was going on my CA, a brilliant guy to work with, was slyly trying to sway me to the dark side aka sticking with the black spoiler because he felt it suited the Macan better, particularly the GTS. We agreed to disagree on that point until the very end. The next part is IMHO.....

I dropped in one day to add yet more fluff to my order and there was a white GTS in the back lot waiting to go in for cleaning and PDI. It was still wrapped (white plastic) including the spoiler so for all intents, the spoiler looked body colour. It had black wheels and black door pulls, both of which I'd already ordered. So if I squinted on the full on, up close side profile view of this would look like mine including the painted spoiler. John had me stand there and take it all in for half a minute. Then he removed the plastic wrap from the spoiler. changed to black in a split second. And funny enough, for the first time I understood what he'd been talking about. On my build with my colour and black wheels/trim, the black spoiler suited the car much, much better. The roofline's silhouette with the black spoiler appears truer to the heritage of Porsche design which was an obvious consideration when the Macan was penned. I cancelled my request for the painted spoiler that day and am sticking with black.

Now after all of this babbling, with your colour and your wheels I think a body coloured spoiler will look great. And IMO save your money with the aftermarket options, as you said a couple of them look good but are very close to OEM. Why pay for aftermarket + paint?? At the end of the day, to each his/her own and this argument is about as conclusive as the one for painted vs black/cf side blades lol.
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Thanks all for the opinions and feedback. I think the Cayenne rear spoiler is about perfect and wish the Macan was a little more prominent, if not more aggressive in profile. I get that black is supposed to sportier, and I like the blacked out trim elsewhere on the GTS, I just think it screws up the rear profile at least on my color combo.

Anyway, I did a quick & dirty paint job on my spoiler to see how it would look in red. Below is a before & after. It looks a lot better in red and I think this will be my first option to pursue, and then look at further options if I'm still not satisfied with the look afterwards.

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2017 Macan GTS Carmine Red
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