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Default DIY Cabin Air Filter

You should change your cabin air filter yearly or every 20k to 30k miles. More often if you drive in dusty conditions.
They're relatively cheap and keep the interior of your car smelling fresh.

I rate this 1 out of 5 Bloody knuckles. Easy and quick job with no tools required.
If you have the kid tool, use it, keeps you from having to contort into the passenger foot well.

The Audi pollen filter will fit. (In fact the dealership put in an Audi and charged me for a Porsche one)
Otherwise you can get it from SunCoast parts.
Macan S Pollen Filter

In the passenger foot well, under the glove box and against the carpet is a foam vanity trim piece.
Remove the 3 finger screws.
Remove the foam by pushing the edge closest to the seat towards the firewall. Then pull down and out.

With the foam out, you can see the white filter cover.
Slide the cover towards the right side of the vehicle. It takes some force to get over the retention tab.
It will likely "pop" to the right, release, and come flying at you.

With the cover off, you can see the filter. Using a pair of pliers or a screw driver, grab the bottom of the filter to pull it out.
You will have to bend and pry the filter out. Take note of the orientation, with the angled corner up and to the right.

Here's why you change the filter on a yearly basis.

Installation is opposite of removal.
You will have to bend/ smash the filter home.
The white cover should slide and lock into place relatively easy (compared to removal).
Reinstall the foam vanity cover.

@grim , can you sticky this.

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