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Default Source for clear side marker lights

Wasn't sure exactly where to put this post, so mod's please feel free to move as desired.

I've located a source for clear side marker light lenses and am putting out feelers to see if anyone else would be interested in purchasing as well? Note: these are the LENSES only, not the whole assembly. I have not disassembled mine to see how difficult it may be to swap the lenses only, and perhaps someone that has investigated this can chime in to let the masses know. I'm also not trying to make a profit here, but rather just seeing if a group buy of sorts would help mitigate the cost of the setup fee for fabrication. He needs to 3D scan the original amber lenses in order to produce a clear version, which takes some time and effort that he should be compensated for.

The fabricator indicates that they will be clear ABS plastic lenses, but the fabrication process he uses will prevent them from being ultra clear. I'm not too worried about it personally, as the inside face of the lens is heavily textured anyway, assuming to aid in light refraction and distribution. Others may feel differently and I totally respect that, but I hate the amber lenses with a passion and am willing to accept the risk of possible disappointment. I am just too tired of waiting for someone to produce an aftermarket version.

Please let me know if you have an interest in purchasing a pair. The number of those interested will determine how much they will cost, but I am estimating somewhere in the $30-40 USD range per set, plus shipping.
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