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Few minor things. I'd make the fog lights on a separate switch so I can use them without having to take my headlight switch off auto.

I'd hide the rear wiper under the lip spoiler as it is so brilliantly on my wife's Lexus Rx350.

I'd redesign the thigh extender so the leather on the sides wasn't separate from the rest of the seat cushion.

I'd improve the cheap feeling rear wiper switch.

I'd give it a control like the STi has so I could make it RWD when I want.

I'd upgrade the cheap looking rear calipers so you don't see the pads.

I'd make the center console open like the BMW X5 I owned, split down the middle and to the sides.

I'd put a cover on the cup holders.

I'd place the AC vents differently so they don't blow on your hand.

I'd put a hardwired GoPro mount on the windshield.

I'd lengthen and double the sun visors which are so small as to be almost useless to the side, or at least make them pull out.

I'd make more exterior colors available.

I'd have Michelin or Pirelli make a 21" AS tire.

I'd offer 22" wheels.

I'd make the pano cover thicker and completely opaque.

I'd offer the Euro hide a hitch in the US.

I would make the steering wheel slightly smaller and fatter and offer the chrome on it in black as on some other models.

I'd offer seat cooling in the rear.

Sport design mirrors would be standard.

I'm exhausted.
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